Virtual-Hybrid Course Information

What It Is

A virtual-hybrid course is one where the course is split into two parts. Some of the course is face-to-face in a virtual web-conferencing technology with your instructor at a parciular time and some of the course is fully online without a set time to meet. Then there is the typical homework and studying as well.

What To Expect

Your face-to-face virtual class will most likely be held in Zoom. Your instructor will give you the link and password to join the session or the directions on how to join from within the class.

Virtual Sessions

  • You may be expected to share yourwebcam at certain points, so be sure you have awebcam that works and you have a background that you feel comfortable sharing
    • Let your instructor know ahead of time if you cannot show your webcam for any reason, accommodations can be made
    • Try using backgrounds (you can create a free account and set them up)
  • You most likely will be expected to speak during the session so make sure you have a microphone or a phone to be able to call in
  • You'll need to be able to use the chat feature
  • You may be asked to use
  • You may be placed into breakout rooms with a small number of your peers to complete an activity

Then, some of what would have been virtual lecture is moved online so you're meeting less often.

Online Work

The online work could be a variety of different things. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Lecture videos
  • Discussion boards
  • Reading or writing activities
  • Video activities
  • Virtual field trips or web quests
  • Interactives from other websites or the textbook

All types of classes should be equal in rigor and time commitment.