CAC Advisors

CAC Advisor Contacts

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To speak to an advisor on the phone:

Contact Green River employees by phone at  (253) 833-9111, followed by their 4-digit extension listed below.

Getting Started Specialist

Emily Kohring: 6605

Teresa Regalado: 6044


Aileen Arsenio: 6518

Lady Ivory Boyd: 6520

Connie Poleski: 6519

Health Occupations

Sophia Giakoumatos: 6092

Career Technical

Amy Davidson: 6093

Career Services

Josh Staffieri: 6522

Academic Standards

Yesenia Escoto: 6091

Completion / Benefits Hub

LaBasha Alexander: 6097

Leander Yazzie: 6523

Naja’e Stansberry: 6512

Front Desk

Julie Kotelevskaya: 6525

Program Manager

Srey Chea: 6524


Allison Warner: 6096

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed through August

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Due to COVID 19, the Career and Advising Center office is serving students virtually.

Please contact us via phone: 253-288-3482, or visit us in our Zoom virtual lobby available on the GRC Virtual Assistance page.

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