Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Operations at Green River College

Green River College is committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for all students, employees and visitors. To aid in that goal, Green River has implemented practices and methods to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from emergencies that affect the college.

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is a guide to provide Green River College faculty, staff and students with an emergency and crisis management system. The EOP is an "all-hazards" document that contains concepts and procedures that apply regardless of the nature or origin of an emergency or disaster. The response to any major crisis or disturbance will be conducted within the framework of this plan. Critical to this goal is being knowledgeable about what to do in the event of an emergency. Planning and being prepared is a shared responsibility.

Actions taken to decrease or prevent the likelihood that an event or crisis will occur, and to eliminate, mitigate or reduce the loss of life and property damage related to an event or crisis. 
Preparedness   Development of the strategies, processes and protocols to prepare for potential emergencies. 
Response  Operational effort to effectively respond to and resolve an emergency.
Recovery  Coordination of resources to recover from an emergency and return to normal operations.