Campus Safety

Commitment to Safety

The Green River Campus Safety Department is committed to a comprehensive approach in providing a safe and inclusive community where students, faculty, staff and visitors may experience a sense of security and belonging. The Green River Campus Safety Department is comprised of professionally trained non-sworn safety officers that are contracted through Pierce County Security and are licensed by the State of Washington. The primary mission of the department is to protect and assist the campus community. This mission is attained through active participation by all members of the campus community, partnerships with emergency services, law enforcement and other community partners.

What We Do

Campus Safety Officers investigate all criminal activity or any actions which impact an individual's ability to work or study at Green River. Criminal incidents or violations of the Student Code of Conduct will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency or the Green River College Judicial Office for further action. If there is an immediate threat to life or safety, Campus Safety Officers are licensed by the state of Washington to immediately intervene, including detaining an individual for the purposes for completing a criminal investigation.

Crime Reporting on Campus

Green River College urges all members and visitors to file a report with Campus Safety when any criminal activity is suspected or there is a concern for the health and safety of others. To help maintain a safe and secure campus environment all crimes should be reported as soon as possible to Green River Campus Safety or to the appropriate local law enforcement agency. Prompt reports aids Campus Safety and law enforcement officers in the investigation and apprehension of perpetrators, and allows law enforcement to put resources where they are most needed. Faculty, staff and students should be aware of any potential crime activity in their area and to take steps to ensure their own personal safety.

To Report a Crime

By Phone 
For emergencies, life-threatening situations, or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1 on or off campus. Non-emergency assistance and information is available on campus by calling Campus Safety at 253-288-3350.

In Person
You may make a report at the Dispatch Center, located in SA-156 from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Enter through the main doors and speak with the uniformed dispatcher, located just inside the main doors at the counter. Tell them you are there to make a report. After hours, call 253-288-3350 and tell the safety officer who answers that you would like to make a report, or, tell the officer your on-campus location and the officer can meet you and take the report there for your convenience.

When in doubt report! Do your part to keep the Green River campus safe and secure.

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Click here for information about Narcan (Naloxone HCI) Opioid Overdose Response.

Contact Campus Safety

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: From any campus phone, dial 3350. All other phones 253-288-3350.

Safety Requests:

Director of Campus Safety & TransportationDerek Ronnfeldt

Alerts & Notifications

Sign up to receive safety, crime, traffic, training, and weather alerts on our Emergency & Safety Alerts page.

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