Helen S. Smith Gallery

Art of the Quarantine

A Virtual Exhibition
January 10 - March 19, 2021

The Helen S. Smith Gallery in partnership with Art at the Cave presents Art of the Quarantine, virtually featuring works by approximately 100 artists from the Cave in various stages of their creative growth. This exhibition brings us together while we continue to be apart.


Here is a link to the March 10, 2021 virtual Artists' Panel Discussion with artists and organizers from the Cave exhibition.


Art of the Quarantine, Part 2

March 20 - May 1, 2021

Art of the Quarantine started at The Cave Gallery in Vancouver, WA in the spring of 2020.  Helen S. Smith Gallery extended the exhibition, using the theme as a prompt for an expanded community conversation.  Art of the Quarantine Part 2 takes the conversation further as the global pandemic forges on.  This virtual exhibition is a way for the gallery to support artists, build community and dive into a bigger academic conversation about the role of art in our lives.


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In conjunction with this exhibition, Helen S. Smith Gallery presents:

Wednesday, April 14, 12pm

(webinar link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85263778415  Passcode: 794867)

Anin Utigaard: The Healing Power of Creative Expression

How does expression in a creative manner benefit the creator? How does creative expression benefit community, individuals and assist in the evolution of one and many? Anin Utigaard, expressive arts therapist, artist, writer and musician will offer a peak into examples of how creative release and expression can and does transform pain, anguish, trauma, anger, grief, and other challenging human experiences. She will also share how expressive arts is being used globally to address social issues and personal strife. And how the arts, in fact, have always moved civilization forward.

The Art of the Quarantine continues accepting art on a rolling basis through the end of the exhibition. All works submitted by artists working in the Northwest will be featured.    One artist will be selected for a solo exhibition physically in the Gallery in 2023.  Visit the Call for Art section of our website to learn how to participate!


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