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Megan Linders: A Curious Collection

June 25 - August 9 Artist Talk and Closing Reception: Thursday, August 9, noon - 1pm

The expressions of the self can be curious as well as stimulating. With every piece created, a brief glimpse into the life of the creator is shown. Over the years an artist’s work can then display a timeline of emotions and movement for which the viewer can engage with an outsider’s perspective.  As the journey of the artist unfolds a dynamic play stimulates growth and intrigue; adding to the mystery of the creations.  A Curious Collection is a body of work displaying the individual growth of an artist through years of self-discovery and doubt: transformative work through times of struggle, personal reflection, and freedom of self-expression.  It is a peaceful journey through complex emotions, as a young artist works to discover the meaning behind their own work, only to arrive at a revelation of freedom through form.

Born and raised in Auburn, WA Megan Linders first discovered her love of ceramics while attending Green River College for an Associates of Arts degree. During those two years Megan immersed herself in the studio environment by officially volunteering through the GRC ceramics department, and guest speaking at Maple Valley Christian Elementary school in the spring of 2013. After transferring to Pacific Lutheran University she then continued her work in and out of the studio by becoming the Lead Technical Ceramic Assistant for two years before graduating with her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics with a minor in Art history.

Over the years Megan has had the opportunity to show in art walks throughout the area including Capitol Hill in Seattle and Wright Park in Tacoma. She has exhibited in a combination of solo and group exhibitions and was honored to receive first place in Pacific Lutheran University’s annual student exhibition for her ceramic work “Natural Fire,” followed by second place for her lithography work “The Gaze” the following year.

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