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David Jaewon "Oh: The Combatants"

April 2 – April 26, 2018 Artist talk and reception: April 26, noon - 1 p.m.

Combat sports, which have been male-dominated, represent an ultimate forum that tests the strength, endurance and even bravado amongst men. For nearly the past two decades, however, there have been a rapidly increasing number of females participating combat sports, changing the face of the sport. Nevertheless, a vast majority of females in this field continue to be underrepresented as they are considered novelty acts. 

"The Combatants" series attempts to highlight female fighters by photographing them in their respective gyms where they are becoming better fighters. This is also the environment in which they find themselves as a minority, often trading blows with male training partners because there are so few female fighters to compete with. By photographing these fighters exclusively in an environment in which they remain as a minority, "Oh" wishes to highlight these fighters in a hope to bring recognition and capture their valiant efforts to solidify their identity.

David Jaewon Oh's
David Jaewon Oh, Stefani, digital c-print, 25x38 inches

David Jaewon Oh's
David Jaewon Oh, Ivy, digital c-print, 25x38 inches

David Jaewon Oh's
David Jaewon Oh, Hailey, digital c-print, 25x38 inches

David Jaewon Oh's
David Jaewon Oh, Julia B., digital c-print, 12x19 inches



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