Green River College International Programs

Become a Green River student in 4 simple steps:

Admission at Green River is simple, fast and convenient with four admission dates each year: fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Step 1: Submit Application

You can apply:

Admission Requirements:

Please use only one method to submit your documents - email, mail or fax. All required application materials must be received one week prior to the first day of in-person orientation. 

  • Completed application
  • Financial/Bank Statement in English showing at least U.S. $21,000 for one year of study
    • The Financial/Bank Statement may include checking or savings accounts, stocks, certificates of deposit, or other easily liquidated assets. Please indicate the relationships between sponsor and the student on the bank statement.
  • $50 non-refundable application fee
  • Copy of valid passport; and Medical Release Form
  • Applicants must be 16 years of age by program start date

English Proficiency Requirements:

  • TOEFL iBT 61 or higher on the international TOEFL or the iBT Special Home Edition while TOEFL testing centers are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • IELTS 5.5 no band lower than 5.0
  • Additional English Proficiency measures
  • Important note: You do not need an English proficiency test score to enroll at Green River. You can take the Green River English Proficiency Placement test. It will show whether you are qualified to start in the academic program or transition to academic classes through our Academic Prep or IEP classes
  • English Proficiency Test Articulations
    • Using TOEFL, IELTS, and DuoLingo
    • Correlation of English Proficiency Tests with IEP Level 1 to Academic (effective spring 2021)

      Level 1  0-25  0-3 0-20
      Level 2  26-44  Overall 3 with no bands lower than 2  25-35 
      Level 3  45-49  Overall 4 with no bands lower than 3  40-50 
      Level 4  50-54  Overall 5 with no bands lower than 3.5  55-70 
      Level 5  55-60  Overall 5.5 with no bands lower than 4  75-90 
      Academic  61  Overall 5.5 with no bands lower than 5  95 

Housing Placement:

  • Completed housing section on application and $300 placement fee
  • Students age 16 on the quarter start date are required to live in a Green River homestay until they are 17.

High School Completion Students

  • High School and 9th grade transcript (sealed envelope)

Transfer students (from other schools in the US to GRC):

How to pay fees:

  • To Make Payments from the USA - We accept cashier's checks, money orders, personal checks (from a U.S. bank) and FLYWIRE.
    To Make Payments Internationally – We accept bank wire transfers and FLYWIRE. To make a payment by FLYWIRE, go to To make payment via bank wire transfers, see information below:

Bank Wire Transfer to:
U.S. Bank, 401-15th St. NE, Auburn, WA 98071 
Student Name (must be included with wire information)
Green River Student ID number (if known)
ABA No., 125000105
Green River College, International Account Number: 153504623387

Important! Send an e-mail to with the student name, date of birth, amount of money, and date wired.

Step 2: Receive I-20 Form

After we receive your complete application with the required documents, an admissions package will be created for you within two business days. This contains a Green River acceptance letter and your I-20, which is an official document that confirms your acceptance as an international student in the USA.

Step 3: F-1 Visa Interview

You must present the complete admissions package to the U.S. consulate in your home country. Before you make an appointment for an interview at the U.S. consular office nearest you, be sure to pay your SEVIS and visa fee online. The wait time for an interview varies from country to country. Check the US State Department website to learn more about preparing the visa application.

Step 4: Arrival in the USA

As soon as you receive your F-1 visa, please email us at so that we can plan for your arrival. When you enter the U.S., show the immigration officer:

  • Your I-20 form
  • Your passport with a valid student visa

Please go to Arrival and Airport Pickup for more information.

Admissions Policy

New international students who use Green River's I-20 to enter the U.S. must:

  • Report in person to Green River's orientation for new international students
  • Enroll for and attend the first quarter at Green River.
  • Present originals of: passport, visa, and Green River I-20*
  • Carry Health Insurance while enrolled at Green River

*International students transferring from other U.S. schools must present their most recent I-20 instead of a Green River I-20.

Important Updates For All International Students

As a direct result of the impact from COVID-19, Green River College temporarily waived the full course of study requirement as allowed by Immigration guidance for the duration of spring 2020, until spring 2022. We have returned to a 12-credit minimum standard to be considered full-time as of summer 2022. Students must consult with their GRC international advisor to ensure all F-1 Student requirements are met.

Effective Fall term, 2023, all academic F-1 international students may count a maximum of five (5) online course credits toward the 12-credit full-time enrollment requirement and must enroll in a minimum of seven (7) in-person academic credits. Intensive English and academic M-1 students may not count any online classes towards the full course of study requirement.

Effective Fall term, 2023, all international students must pay their tuition/fees in full by the published tuition deadline. International students are not eligible to use payment plans.


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The application deadline for students transferring from within the U.S. is 8 a.m. on the first day of in-person orientation.

Spring Term
Classes Start:
3 April 2023
Classes End:
16 June 2023
Summer Term
Preferred Application Deadline:
1 May 2023
Orientation Student (virtual)
7 & 8 June 2023
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9 June 2023 
Arrival & Housing Move-in Day
28 June 2023
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29 June 2023 
In-Person Parent Orientation
29 & 30 June 2023
Classes Start:
3 July 2023
Classes End:
24 August 2023


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