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Greetings from Advising

Hello and welcome to Green River College! Our team of international student advisors is excited to meet you and help you make the most of your time at Green River.

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Our Advising Philosophy

At Green River, we practice relationship-based, holistic advising. We strive to form supportive relationships with each of our students and your advisor will get to know you by name. We advise students on all academic and immigration-related matters, but we are also here to help with cultural adjustment, personal issues, and more. Your advisor is committed to your success in all aspects. We believe in the intertwined success of the whole student: your academic success cannot be separated from your extracurricular activities, social life, mental and physical health, career goals, family expectations, and more. 

You will be assigned an advisor based on your major. We advise by major so that each advisor can do extensive research into their assigned fields. That way, we can provide students with the best advice about transferring to specific majors at the most suitable universities. When students change majors, they may change advisors.   Learn more about university transfer and our university transfer pathway partners below:


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University Transfer

Green River is a leader in University Transfer.

University Transfer Fair in the Student Affairs building

University Transfer Pathway

Green River has pathway agreements with nearly 40 universites.

Meeting Your Advisor

Your advisor will connect with you via email a few weeks before New Student Orientation. After you arrive on campus, you will meet your advisor at Orientation, and you will continue to meet your advisor through 1-on-1, in-person appointments.

An International Team

Your advisors have all had experiences studying, working, and/or living abroad. We truly believe in the value of cross-cultural collaboration and we are excited about the diverse perspectives you will bring to our campus. We understand how nerve-wracking yet exhilarating, welcoming yet lonely, being in a new place can be. We hope to welcome you to a family away from home! Our team has studied/worked/lived in:

Countries Countries
Costa Rica  Taiwan
Lesotho China
Japan France
Martinique United Kingdom
Peru Republic of Georgia
Argentina Guatemala
Ecuador Turkey
South Korea  

Our team also speaks the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • French 
  • Korean
  • Georgian

Contact Us

Phone: 253-288-3300
Fax: 253-333-4940

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