Remote Learning During Covid

How Green River College's Fine Art Division has tackled the challenge of remote teaching.

About our program

Your education in the arts begins here.

Green River College fosters an in-depth preparation for the study and creation of art. At Green River you will undertake a program of study which helps each individual student find a balance between aesthetics and technique in your creative process and expression. Through the development of strong problem solving skills, you will learn to discuss the theoretical and practical meaning of your work. At Green River you can develop your ideas, build strong techniques, and create a competitive portfolio.

Degree Information

The AA degree is built into the AFA degree.  Students who graduate with an AFA can receive BOTH an AA and AFA degrees simultaneously. You only need to apply for both degrees at the time of graduation. The AA degree provides for a direct transfer.

The AFA gives students a focused practice in art in a two-year degree.  The AFA degree helps students develop a strong competitive portfolio necessary for application to art schools and universities.  The AFA indicates to employers a specific focus or field of study in art at the AA level.

Students have the option to specialize in a particular art media within the AFA/AA degree--Ceramics, Design, Photography, and Studio. These Concentrations give students the opportunity to focus on a particular media and develop a portfolio specific to it.


Prepare to Succeed

A portfolio is a crucial part of your application to professional art schools, most university art programs and galleries. A good portfolio helps someone evaluate your achievements and potential and should include samples of your best work in your specialty.

Your portfolio may include:

  • Drawings including drawings from observation only and figure drawing from a live model
  • Composition skills, exploration of media, use of color
  • Design—2D, 3D, and abstract work
  • Complex compositions showing thoughtful execution of ideas

Program details

Prerequisites & Fees

  • Completion of a Green River College Application
  • Completions of placement testing, and an art advising meeting
  • Communication (written and verbal) and organizational skills
  • Recommended –a GED® or high school diploma.
  • Many of the art courses require additional fees, ranging from $10-$50. You will also be required to purchase your own art supplies.

Student Video

A short film by GRC student artist, Jacob Menday

This short film was created and produced by student artist, Jacob Menday. Jacob's focus in the film is on the creative spirit of the Green River College art students. He thanks all the students and art faculty who participated and supported his film. The independent project was supported by a Fine Arts Division work grant.



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