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The Bachelor of Applied Science in Aeronautical Science prepares students for successful entry into careers in the fast-paced field of aviation. The aviation industry is rapidly expanding locally, nationally and globally. The BAS in Aeronautical Science will prepare you for success in this career field.

Our program has been developed with the help and guidance of industry professionals. Classes are taught by teachers with extensive industry experience. The BAS in Aeronautical Science program's intent is to equip you not only with a specific skill set, but also with a broad understanding of the industry's scope.

The Gators Aviation Club can broaden your experience through field trips, guest speakers, service projects and seminars. You will be able to meet and build relationships with professionals from airline operations, airport management, pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft dispatchers and others. Networking opportunities to develop your own leadership skills are built into the program.

The classroom environment in the Aviation Program at is also focused on practical experience. The flight simulators coupled with Certified Flight Instructors help you sharpen your flying skills before take-off. You will understand how to make aircraft fly when you build your own air foil in the Aerodynamics class and use the wind tunnel to test its airworthiness. In the airport management class you will research local codes and FAA regulations to put together a proposal for building your own airport. The air traffic control lab offers computer simulations of air traffic control scenarios where you learn the phraseology and procedures of the modern air traffic control system. And the Aircraft Dispatch program equips students to take the FAA aircraft dispatch test for direct hire by airlines as an entry level Aircraft Dispatcher.

Our bachelor degree prepares students for careers in the following fields:

  • Aircrews - as Pilots for Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing flight operations
  • Dispatchers  - for Commercial Airline and General Aviation flight operations
  • Air Traffic Controllers - controlling the nation's air traffic as part of FAA En Route Air Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACONs) facilities and Air Traffic Control Towers  (ATCTs)
  • Airport Managers and staff
  • Local, regional, national and global Air Transportation System (ATS) Managers and staff
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAV/UAS) career areas

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