Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree Programs

Four year degree opportunities at Green River College

BAS in Aeronautical Science

The bachelor's degree program in Aeronautical Science prepares you for successful entry into the fast-paced world of Aviation Flight Operations and Aviation Operations Management.

BAS in Applied Management

Green River's BAS in Applied Management provides the skills you need to succeed as a management professional through competency-focused learning.

BAS in Early Childhood Education

The BAS in Early Childhood Education: Infant and Child Mental Health (ICMH) examines the foundations of development and the importance of relationships to the social and emotional well-being of infants, toddlers, and young children as well as quality relationships and environments that foster growth in all developmental domains—social and emotional, cognitive/linguistic, and physical.

BAS in Information Technology: Cybersecurity and Networking

The bachelor's degree program in Cybersecurity and Networking is designed to prepare students for employment as network and systems administrators, information security analysts, or computer support specialists.

BAS in Information Technology: Software Development

The bachelor's degree program in Software Development is designed to prepare students to become an entry-level software developer familiar with the full stack and best practices in the industry.

BAS in Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Green River's BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship provides the skills you need for an exciting career in Marketing or to start a high-growth business of your own.

BAS in Natural Resources in Forest Resource Management

The bachelor's degree program in Forest Resource Management prepares students to directly enter employment in several natural resources areas.

BAS in Realtime Reporting: Court Reporting & Captioning

The bachelor's degree program in Realtime Reporting prepares students for exciting and versatile careers as Courtroom/Freelance Court Reporters, Educational Captioners (CART), Realtime Webcasters, Transcriptionists, or Scopists.