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Prepare for Careers in business with targeted skill-based degrees

Invest in your future - get a business degree in Applied Management or Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Our custom designed programs deliver skills-based curriculum with excellent instruction, affordable tuition, convenient locations, and on a flexible schedule.

Are you a professional looking to advance or change your career? Do you own a business or want to build one? Are you a high school student or a recent graduate? We have a program for you!

Our applied science degrees prepare students for the dynamic work environment through practical hands-on programs. Learn the skills employers want. 

  • Develop leadership skills, master project and product management techniques, understand product development cycles, and business planning
  • Associate degree programs are designed to transfer smoothly into the bachelor of applied science (BAS)  degree programs at GRC
  • Flexible hybrid schedule – we know life is busy! Bachelor's degree programs combine virtual instruction with in-person classes just one day a week to save you time.
  • Focused condensed program – complete your Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in eighteen months if you meet all the prerequisite requirements
  • Affordable – lower tuition and shorter completion time than a university program; class schedules that allow students to work while studying

Start with the Associate in Applied Arts degree in Business Management, then transition into a BAS program of your choice.

Already completed an associate degree? Ask us how you can apply earned credits towards your BAS in business degree at GRC.

Why choose GRC?

Experienced instructors, student support services, cohort-based programs, modern curriculum designed for real-life applications.


Choose Your Degree

We offer an Associate in Applied Arts Degree (AAA) in Business Management and two Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees. If you already have an associate degree, you can apply to the BAS program.

Associate of Applied Arts in Business Management

This program is perfect for landing entry-level jobs in marketing, sales, general management, project management, human resources, and business administration.

Our business management courses focus on teaching the work skills employers want and applying what you learned through hands-on projects. It’s not just about getting a degree. You will learn new tools, practice valuable skills, and grow professionally and as a person.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs will benefit from learning basic accounting, financial management, marketing, sales, and the principles of human resource management and supervision. This well-rounded business degree will help you be a better business owner and a better manager.

Continue your education and earn a bachelor's degree at GRC. Boost your career and open doors to success!

Our bachelor degrees are cohort based - you will start and finish the program with the same group of students, your cohort. You will work in teams to solve real life problems for local businesses and develop products, from the idea phase to production and product marketing.

To apply to the BAS degree programs you must have an associate degree or be close to completing one. The average time to complete a BAS degree taking a full course load is eighteen months (six quarters). Estimated cost of tuition and student fees for the BAS degree is $13,800. Books and class fees are not included. 

Bachelor’s in Applied Management

Ready to take on more responsibilities or apply for a  promotion? Improve your prospects with a BAS degree in Applied Management. The AAA degree in Business Management provides a great foundation for this bachelor's degree.

Dive into our outcome-driven courses and collaborative projects to master management, marketing, business strategy, analysis, and financial literacy. Become a confident impactful leader.

Employment outlook for managers and business analysts is excellent!

Bachelor’s in Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Have an idea for a business? Does the thought of working for a startup excite you? Do you want to know how to turn an idea into a product? Our Marketing and Entrepreneurship BAS degree is for you!

Get to know your classmates, collaborate in teams to invent, plan, implement, manage, produce, and market your product. Present your work in a culminating project.

This is a great opportunity to learn all stages of product development and business management.

Creative, resourceful, skilled product managers and marketing research analysts are always in demand!

You can go anywhere from here!

Is your ultimate goal a master's degree? Speak with your advisor about your options after completing the BAS degree. We can help you connect with GRC business program alumni who are attending or have graduated from top universities in the region. Our knowledgeable staff will help you understand program options and application requirements.

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