Associate of Applied Arts in Business Management

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Learn the business tools used in today's workplace, improve your administrative and communication skills. Prepare for entry-level jobs in marketing, sales, general management, project management, human resources, and business administration.

When you complete the AAS degree in Business Management you will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills necessary to resolve interpersonal and organizational challenges that occur in the modern workplace
  • Communicate clearly, appropriately, and persuasively with business stakeholders using business software and team collaboration tools
  • Explain the fundamental principles of strategic planning and creative problem solving
  • Learn techniques for organizing and delegating tasks
  • Understand your personal work style, set professional goals, and explore growth opportunities
  • Perform basic accounting procedures and business operations; analyze and document business transactions
  • Review customer service strategies for ways to improve service quality
  • Use project management techniques to identify and organize tasks; create project schedules; summarize basic budgeting and risk management methods
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 Common questions: 
  1. Can I transfer the credits in this AAA degree towards a bachelor’s degree?
    We designed this associate degree to integrate with our Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees in business. You can continue at GRC and apply to the BAS program in Applied Management or Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Not all classes in this degree will transfer to universities. Each school evaluates the credits and decides which classes they will accept. Work with your GRC academic advisor and the business faculty to learn about transfer options, set goals, and create a custom education plan that works for you.
  2. Can I get the degree online?
    We do not offer a fully online associate in business management degree, but many classes are available online and in a hybrid format with limited in-person attendance.
  3. How long does it take to complete the degree?
    A  full-time student (taking three classes per quarter) can complete the program in six quarters. You must complete 90 to 95 credits to get the degree. See list of classes and degree details here.
  4. When can I start?
    You can start taking classes towards your degree any time. GRC has four terms. Start in the fall, winter, spring, or summer.
    See Dates and Deadlines on our website. 
  5. Can I get a scholarship or financial aid? We want to make college a reality for all students. Please contact our Financial Aid Office to learn what types of aid you may be eligible for.

Check GRC Foundation page for scholarship opportunities.

You may be eligible for funding though Running Start, Workforce Education, or Veteran’s benefits.

Already have an associate degree or credits from another school? Great! We will help you evaluate where you are and how to get the degree you want. 



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Cohort-based program with small class sizes makes it easy to ask questions and get to know your professors and peers. We will connect you with academic, financial, and community resources to help you reach your goals.


You will be qualified to work in managerial and administrative support roles