BAS in Marketing & Entrepreneurship FAQ

General Info

Q - What is a Bachelor of Applied Science?
A - In 2005 the Washington State Legislature passed HB 1794 giving the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges authority to pilot applied baccalaureates. By 2010 this status was changed from pilot to regular. An applied bachelor’s is an accredited degree designed to help students gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and credentials to meet the labor demands of the State.

Q - Are these programs accredited?
A - Yes, the programs operate under the accreditation of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Q - What is the difference between the BAS in Applied Management and the BAS in Marketing & Entrepreneurship?
A - The BAS in Applied Management is designed to provide a comprehensive business education by covering the key functional areas in an established business. The program is designed for students to go both full-time and part-time. Whereas the Marketing and Entrepreneurship program requires students to be full-time, uses a cohort model, and follows a structured sequence of courses. The reason for this is that this program prepares students to earn their degree by building their own venture and getting it launch-ready. The Marketing and Entrepreneurship program is optimal for students who want a career in marketing, are interested in building a business, or want to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to a business.

Course Schedule and Program Experience

Q - What types of projects and experiential learning can I expect in this program?
A - The program partners with local and regional businesses. The projects vary from quarter, and are designed to help students build a portfolio of experiences that demonstrate how they can add value to an organization. Some examples of past projects include: building prototypes and pitching them to a $100M company, providing business analysis to local non-profits, conducting digital marketing campaigns for small businesses, and building integrated marketing communications plans for companies.

Q - Are internships required for this program? Can I organize my own internship for credit?
A - No, an internship is not required. Instead, students gain the opportunity to do many projects over the lifetime of the program, while receiving coaching and feedback from professors, fellow students, and business owners. Many students work and/or have internships during their learning experience. However, we do not currently offer credit for these internships.

Q - What is a cohort model? What are some advantages of the cohort model?
A - A cohort, is a format in which students travel through the program together in a “pack” with the same students taking courses together. By doing this project teams can be formed quickly as students have worked together in previous courses. Further, students have the ability to form meaningful relationships, learning communities, and comradery.

Q - What is the course schedule like? How quickly can I complete this program?
A - This is a full-time program and students will be scheduled to take 12-15 credits of core coursework once entered into a cohort. The duration of the cohort is six quarters, or 18 months. Students may also need to take general education courses as well. Core courses are hybrid, with one evening of classes per week on Tuesdays or Thursdays, from 5-9 p.m. at our Kent Campus. General education class offerings vary, and may be online or at other campuses.

It is important to work with the program manager to ensure that you’re taking the correct classes and following your education plan.

Q - Can I still work full-time and take this program?
A - Yes! Our bachelor’s programs were designed for students with other obligations such as work or family. Our hybrid model requires one evening of class per week, and so many of our students are able to continue with their full-time work schedule during the day or otherwise adjust their work schedules on the day they have class in-person.

Q - Can I use my work experience for credit in this program?
A - No, our program is not equipped to utilize work experience for academic credit at this time.


Q - Do I need to have an associate degree in order to start a BAS program?
A - Yes, the applied baccalaureate programs follow a 2+2 model, meaning that we provide a pathway for students with an associate degree (equivalent to freshman and sophomore years of college) to continue on to their bachelor’s (equivalent to junior and senior years of college). Students must have completed their associate degree with a GPA of 2.5 or better in order to enter.

Q - I don’t have an associate degree in business – can I still apply to this program?
A - Yes! Our program is open to students with associate degrees from any background. Since business, marketing and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills can be applied to any field, we encourage all to apply if they have an interest. 

Q - How long will I wait until I hear back regarding my acceptance?
A - Depending on when you apply during the week, applicants will typically receive an official admissions letter via email by end of day Friday.

Q - I have specific questions about my transcripts/application/program of study – who should I talk to?
A - If you have already attended an info session and have more specific questions, you can send an email to

Q - I applied to one Business bachelor’s program, but I changed my mind and would like to apply to the other Business bachelor’s program – who should I talk to? 
A - Please send an email to