Business Marketing & Entrepreneurship

About our program

The Green River Business Marketing & Entrepreneurship program will prepare you students for potential employment and career advancement in many areas of Business, including marketing, management, international business and sales.

The role of today's business managers and supervisors requires an understanding of traditional business practices as well as skills and knowledge in the area of e-business. Business managers require training in software applications for work productivity, interpersonal communications and human relations for worker efficiency and satisfaction, as well as training in the use of technology for work related responsibilities. The Business Marketing & Entrepreneurship program also includes exposure to international business which contributes approximately fifty percent of revenues generated by multinational corporations. The program takes a broad approach to the study of business, marketing and management. Several classes offered through the program may also apply toward the AA transfer degree.


Special program notes

Program Planning: The program has been carefully planned by education professionals and a community advisory committee of specialists from industry, government and the nonprofit sectors. The program also offers various opportunities to associate with industry professionals.

Faculty: Instruction in the program is provided by well-qualified faculty. All instructors hold advanced degrees, and each has had a number of years of managerial experience in the business world.

Day and Evening classes: Classes are offered both days and evenings to meet your needs.

Distance Learning: Selected classes are offered in a distance learning format. Options may include internet courses, telecourses, and Washington Online.

Program details

Prerequisites & enrollment

  • Completion of a Green River College Application
  • Completions of placement assessment
  • Meet with an Advisor

You can begin at the start of any quarter. If you attend Green River full-time, the Associate in Applied Arts degree requirements can be completed in two years and the certificates in one or two years. If you attend part-time, completion will depend on how many credits you earn each quarter. If you want to complete the program by taking night classes, completion may take longer than two years.

All transferability is at the discretion of receiving institutions. Careful planning with the instructors and coordination of courses with the college or university of your choice is advised.


  • Occupations: Office Manager, General and Operation Manager
  • Earnings: Range from $35.40 to $48.62 an hour, entry to mid-level.
  • Data source: