WISE Grant - Partners

Partner Information

WISE is led by three Centers of Excellence; Clean Energy, Construction, and Aerospace Advanced Manufacturing. It includes eight community and technical colleges.

Grant Lead:

Centralia College and the Center of Excellence for Clean Energy

Consortium Partners:

Centers of Excellence for: Clean Energy, Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing and Construction; Bates Technical College, Centralia College, Everett Community College, Green River College, Renton Technical College, Shoreline Community College, South Seattle College, and Walla Walla Community College

Other partners include five workforce investment boards, Seattle/King County Workforce Development Council, the state‚Äôs TAA coordinating agency, the Washington State Labor Council, and a dozen major employers. When developing new contact center curricula and support services, Green River College also solicits input from industry partners, such as Xerox, Comcast, BECU, and many others. The advisory board is a permanent standing board to provide advice and insight to the Center of Excellence from the perspective of industry, education, labor and the community. The board helps the Center achieve its mission by ensuring that programs and projects advance the needs of the energy sector within the region.

At the local level the WISE program is overseen by advisory boards for the  Maintenance Mechatronics and Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship programs.