Computer Science

Start your journey towards a computer science degree at GRC!

Learn programming languages, understand computer systems and data structures. Complete the computer science and humanities courses you need to apply to computer science majors at universities. Develop your critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills to set yourself apart from other university applicants. Save time and money with our rigorous courses at a lower tuition rate!

GRC students who complete the Associate in Science Transfer Track 2 ( Computer Science, Engineering, Physics) degree or Associate in Computer Science degree transfer to top universities in Washington and in the US. These associate degree programs are an excellent choice for American and international students who want to explore careers in computer science and prepare to transfer to a bachelor's degree program.

Prepare for entry-level jobs in computer science, data analytics, or IT fields with our associate degree. 

Study full-time and complete your Associate in Computer Science degree in as little as six quarters, or study part-time while you work. The associate degree will prepare you to enter the computer science field. Start building your career and gain practical experience. Want to learn more?  Apply your associate degree credits to our Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Development and Data Analytics degree. 

Want to transfer to a university? Improve your admission opportunities!

Show your commitment: Earn an associate degree in computer science to show your dedication and commitment to the field

Academic rigor: Prove that you can do well in challenging coursework to become a more desirable applicant during the university admission process

Higher acceptance rates: Many universities have higher acceptance rates for transfer students.  The associate degree can increase your chances of getting admitted to directly into the computer science major.

Letters of recommendation: Your professors can provide letters of recommendation attesting to your academic performance, work ethic, and potential for success in a highly competitive program like computer science.

Why start your computer science studies at GRC?

  • Cost-effective: GRC offers lower tuition rates compared to universities.
  • Small class sizes: enjoy smaller class sizes, and a more personalized learning experience.
  • Student support: services to help meet your academic and financial needs
  • Strong foundation: computer science degrees at GRC provide a solid foundation in mathematics, science, programming languages, and data structures
  • Transfer agreements: credits you earn for your associate degree at GRC transfer to most universities in the US.
  • Smooth transition to university: community college introduces students to analytical thinking, work ethic, and independence needed to succeed at the university.

What can you do with a computer science degree?

Job growth is projected to remain strong with many interesting career opportunities across different fields:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer
Business analyst
Blockchain engineer
Cloud computing engineer
Computer science professor
Computer scientist or computer science researcher
Data scientist
Database administrator
Engineering manager
Full-stack developer
Information security analyst
Information technology project manager
Mobile application designer or developer
Network architect
Product manager
Research and development (R&D) scientist
Software developer/engineer
Software quality assurance manager
Software tester
Systems analyst
User interface designer
Web developer 

Green River College is fully accredited. Academic courses will usually be accepted by other institutions offering the same (or similar) courses. Each institution has its own transfer policy. Students should contact an advisor at the college to which they intend to transfer to confirm their requirements. Please visit the Career and Advising Center for more information and ask about advising for transfer students.



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