Data Analytics and Software Development

join the dynamic field of data and software

Data analysts and software developers are in high demand across all areas of business. The job skills are versatile and make it easy to change industries and continue to grow professionally. As a data analyst, you will use your knowledge and creativity to extract meaningful insights from vast amounts of data in healthcare, finance, e-commerce, marketing, and government. As a software developer, you will collaborate on teams to build and maintain software applications.

Why start your data analytics education at GRC?

  • Build a strong foundation in data science through hands-on practice using the latest technologies
  • Project-based learning - work on solving real problems
  • Small class sizes and dedicated faculty who care about your success
  • Flexible schedule with daytime, evening, and online classes
  • Financial aid, scholarships, and part-time jobs on campus for those who qualify
  • Graduates from this program are eligible for 3rd year standing in our Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Software Development

skills of a good data analyst

  • Proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, SQL and others
  • An eye for detail to spot inconsistencies and poor quality data
  • Problem solving abilities to work through data inconsistencies and patterns
  • Understanding of statistical concepts
  • Good communication skills to create clear reports and presentations
  • Collaborate well on teams
  • Curiosity and desire to always learn more about this always evolving field
  • Strong ethics to handle data responsibly



What you can do with data

  • Develop predictive models for different scenarios in any field
  • Identify trends, patterns, and potential solutions for critical issues
  • Help make evidence-based decisions to optimize processes and reduce costs
  • Analyze consumer behavior and preferences to help businesses understand their customers
  • Use data to assess risks, prevent fraud, and guide investment decisions
  • Reveal wastage, improve efficiency






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Software Development and Data Science

Degrees & Certificates

Bachelor's degree

Software Development BAS

Associate degree

Data Analysis and Software Development, AAS-T


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