Information Technology AAS

Cybersecurity and Networking Associate of Applied Science degree

Associate Degree in Cybersecurity and Networking in just 18 months!

Graduate with a strong foundational knowledge of information technology and cybersecurity, networking, systems administration, and scripting and master the interpersonal communication skills employers want.

We designed our award-winning program to help you get the knowledge you need to enter the tech industry and help fill the gap in the workforce.

After you complete this program, you can confidently apply for entry-level jobs in the IT field, continue to study for your bachelor's degree at GRC, or transfer your earned credits to a university.


Career opportunities and earnings

Cybersecurity and Networking professionals work in a variety of roles across all industries. The job market is strong and growing. The government and industry leaders are funding new education programs and job training initiatives to help fill the gap in the workforce. GRC associate Cybersecurity and Networking degree will help you enter the field and earn a competitive salary. 

AAS degree in Cybersecurity job salaries average in the $55,000 to $85,000 range

Green River College programs follow the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Framework for workforce development. This ensures that the skills we teach meet the industry requirements and demand. See examples of roles with entry-level positions for professionals with specialized AAS degrees.


Cost of Attendance

College degrees you can afford in a small student-focused award-winning program!

The estimated price of attending full-time as a Washington state resident is $1640 per term plus book costs and course fees. For more details visit our Tuition and Fees page. You may be eligible for financial aid or qualify for free or reduced tuition through other programs. Please connect with our staff to learn more.

Practical skills and foundational knowledge you will use on the job

Associate of Applied Science degree especially designed to meet industry needs and prepare students for technical certifications.

Instructor working with Student on computer hardware 

AAS-T degree plan and program details

92 class credits in 18 months

AAST plan

Course list and entry requirements

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