Natural Resources Post-College Outcomes

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Our Natural Resources students have a track record of success

The following table shows post-college outcomes for Natural Resources graduates and students leaving the program with at least 45 credits from the school years 2011/12 - 2015/16:

Number of students who graduated or left the program with 45+ credits109
% employed2 78%
% enrolled in higher education3 8%
% employed or enrolled 86%
1 This information includes only those students with a valid social security number in their registration or completion records because this number is required to link to external employment and enrollment data sources. This information excludes Natural Resources students who graduated or left the program with a GIS emphasis, because these students are tracked by the same program code as other GIS students and could thus not be included separately from this other group of students not in the Natural Resources program. This information excludes data relating to Natural Resources students who have graduated or left the program with BAS Forest Resource Management emphasis, because the program is too new to be included in this data. 
2 employed in the third quarter after graduating or leaving the program
3 enrolled in an institution or program of higher education one year after graduating or leaving the program 

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