Drama Department

Green River Drama Program presents contemporary and classical dramatic works three times a year, once each academic quarter. By registering for Green River's drama classes you can audition and proceed through the selection process for cast roles and crew positions. Additionally, there are a variety of course offerings covering many theatre specialties.


Theatre Season

The Iliad, the Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less
by Jay Hopkins, John Hunter and, of courseā€¦Homer

Performances Dates: Winter Quarter 2023, TBA

Take Me Out by Richard Greenberg (ALL MALE CAST)

Performance Dates: Spring Quarter 2023, TBA



DRMA& 101 - Introduction to Theatre (online only)
DRMA 102 - Contemporary American Theatre (online only)
DRMA 103 - Musical Theatre History (Winter quarter only)
DRMA 111 - Rehearsal and Performance 1 (play production)
DRMA 112 - Rehearsal and Performance 2 (play production)
DRMA 113 - Rehearsal and Performance 3 (play production)
DRMA 151 - Acting Fundamentals (Fall quarter only)
DRMA 152 - Acting-Building a Character (Winter quarter only)
DRMA 153 - Acting-Text Analysis (Spring quarter only)
DRMA 154 - Improvisation 1
DRMA 155 - Improvisation 2
DRMA 156 - Improvisation 3
DRMA 157 - Audition Techniques for Stage and Film
DRMA 158 - Stage Combat
DRMA 211 - Rehearsal and Performance 4 (play production)
DRMA 212 - Rehearsal and Performance 5 (play production)
DRMA 213 - Rehearsal and Performance 6 (play production)
DRMA 298 - Independent Study-Drama

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