Student Fees

Tuition and fees are set by the Washington State Legislature and are subject to change. Green River College reserves the right to change any of its fees or charges without notice.

Quarterly Registration Fees

Facilities Fee - $4.05 per credit, minimum $20.25 for 1-5 credits.

Special Services/Matriculation Fee - $1.25 per credit, applied to all credits ($0.50/$0.75).

Student Center Fee - a flat $45.00. This fee was established by a student vote to cover the cost of a new student center.

Technology Fee - $5.00 per credit to a maximum of 12 credits. Not to exceed $60. This fee was established by a student vote to cover the cost of equipment, printing and tech support for the Technology Center.

Extended Learning Fee - $12.00 per class fee for each online or hybrid class.

Late Registration Fee - $35.00 will be assessed for each class after the 10th day of the quarter.

Space-Available Fees

Register on 4th day of quarter, space available basis. 

Washington State Employee - $61.02 per class, plus class fees

Senior Citizen (60 years of age or older and a Washington resident) - $5.00 per class (2 class limit), plus college and class fees.  This waiver is not for students intending to use credits for increasing credentials or salary increases.

Special Fees

Graduation Fees

  • Cap and Gown, Tassel - $29.00 (for 2023)

General Education Development (GED®) Vouchers

  • Initial Testing Fee - $30/subject
  • Repeat Testing Fee - $10/subject

Locker Fee - $7.50

Official Transcript - $12.00 

On-Demand Transcript - $25.00

Accident Only Insurance

Accident Only Insurance $39.00/quarter.

Student must be registered in 6 or more credits to qualify. 

To sign up go to: https://4studenthealth.relationinsurance.com

If you have questions, please contact the Student Financials Office at 253-288-3399

Special Courses

Apprenticeship - $55.00 per credit

Basic Skills - $25.00 per quarter

Parent-Child Education - $20.00 per credit