Tuition Refunds

The refund period for fall, winter and spring quarter is the first 15 calendar days of the quarter. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from the college or from individual courses. Students must withdraw online or submit a Registration/Change Schedule form to guarantee the accuracy of their permanent records and to begin refund procedures, when applicable. The student may receive a refund under the following conditions:

  • 100% refund of tuition & fees - when courses or programs are cancelled by the college.
  • 100% refund of tuition & fees - through the fifth instructional day of the quarter, when a student officially withdraws from class.
  • 40% refund of tuition only (no fees will be refunded after the 100% refunded period ends) - when official withdrawal occurs on the sixth instructional day of the quarter through the end of the refund period.
  • No refunds - after the 15th calendar day of the quarter. The 15th calendar day is the end of the refund period.
  • Short term classes - 100% refund of tuition & fees - when official withdrawal occurs prior to or on the first day of class only. Short-term classes are indicated by dates published with the class listing.
  • Refunds of less than ten dollars ($10.00) will not be made.
  • Appeals to the refund policy must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Office in written form with a Policy Exception Request, including supporting documentation. Refund appeals must be received by Enrollment Services within one year of the quarter in question.
  • A separate refund policy applies to students receiving financial aid. Tuition refunds must be returned to the financial aid account and not to the student.

For summer quarter refer to the summer quarterly class schedule for refund dates and policy.

A separate refund policy applies to students enrolled in continuing and community education non-credit classes.