Running Start Academic Standards

Academic Standards

Running Start is a fantastic opportunity to earn high school and college credit simultaneously, however, there are consequences which students should be aware of if they do not perform well academically. Not only do poor grades and incomplete credits impact a student's ability to graduate on time, but there are long-term consequences that may impact a student's financial aid eligibility or ability to transfer to a university. Therefore we uphold the Academic Standards Policy.

In order to make satisfactory academic progress, to remain eligible for Running Start, you must:

  1. Earn a minimum 2.0 quarterly grade point average (GPA) AND
  2. Earn a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA)

By enrolling in Running Start at Green River, you are agreeing to this policy. Students have three opportunities to demonstrate satisfactory progress. Three quarters of not meeting standards will result in dismissal from the Green River Running Start Program. No appeal is available.

Students are expected to know their academic status at all times. You may access your unofficial transcript through ctcLink under the "Academic Progress" tile. Grades generally post to your transcript 5-7 days after the quarter ends. It is advisable to track your grades during the quarter so you are aware of your performance at any given time and can address concerns as they arise.

We want your experience as a Running Start student to be positive and productive. If you are struggling in classes, there are support services available to you, most of which are free including tutoring, advising, counseling and workshops. Please do not hesitate to contact your advisor or Running Start team for guidance and support.

Future Financial Aid Considerations

Financial aid eligibility at Green River will be affected by a student's academic performance in Running Start.

  • Specifically, the Green River College's Academic Progress policy (for Financial Aid) states: "The College will look at all attempted credits regardless of the source of tuition payment."
  • Time spent at Green River College reduces the overall time period students can be considered for financial aid because you are taking college level classes.
  • Academic progress policies vary from institution to institution; protect your transcript by completing all attempted credits. See a Running Start advisor for questions.

Special Notices

The Running Start Office will be closed for EVF processing on Friday, April 26. 


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