Running Start Degree Planning

Degree Planning

With careful planning, it is possible to graduate from high school with an associate degree at the same time.

Most associate degrees require a minimum of 90 credits, therefore a student must enroll in 15 credits each quarter to be on track for completing an associate degree in two academic years. All students are recommended to create an Ed Plan within their first quarter at Green River to plan out their degree.


  • Areas of Study: Find the right degree and class requirements.
  • College Transfer Center: Get resources for transferring to a university, including transfer equivalency guides, information on university reps visiting and other important events.
  • Catalog: Lists all course descriptions, degrees offered and academic policies.
  • Ed Plan: A tool for students to plan classes quarter by quarter.
  • If you earned college credits in high school (example: AP tests or UW College in the High School):
    • To see how your AP or IB scores will count at Green River, see page 25 of the College Catalog.
    • Have the institution send an official copy of your grade or test score to Green River, attn: Enrollment Services.
    • Fill out a Transcript Evaluation Request form and submit it to Enrollment Services.
    • Expect an email from Enrollment Services about four to six weeks after all documents are submitted with results of the evaluation.

University Transfer and Career Planning

It's not too early to start planning for life beyond high school and the Running Start program!

Here are some things to consider as you attend classes at Green River:

  • If you are undecided about your career or major, consider taking a career assessment. Find details at our Career Planning Services page.
  • Begin researching your transfer options early. You can start by checking the information on our College Transfer Center page.
  • Know the application deadline for the institution to which you intend to transfer.
  • Apply for financial aid early.
    • You can start applying for scholarships in your junior and senior year. Start at our Pay for College page to find links to scholarship search engines.
    • In addition to scholarships, you may apply for financial aid each year you are in college after you graduate from high school. Complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or WASFA in October of your senior year and every year you are in college.
  • You must apply for graduation at Green River if you plan to earn an associate degree. Complete the Intent to Graduate form at least two quarters prior to graduation.
  • To request an official transcripts to send to universities, visit the Transcripts page.

Special Notices

Special Spring Quarter drop-in advising schedule starting 3/29!


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