Prospective Students General Questions

General Questions

  • What is the Running Start Program?
    The Running Start program was created by the state legislature in the early 1990s as an opportunity for eligible high school juniors and seniors to earn college-level credit, tuition free. Your school district pays tuition for up to 15 credits per quarter. Books, fees, supplies, tuition for additional credits and transportation to the college are your responsibility. Classes taken at the college as part of the Running Start Program are limited to "college level courses" (numbered 100 or above). You may enroll simultaneously in high school and college classes or exclusively in college classes. How you choose to enroll will depend upon the classes or credits you need for high school graduation. Your total enrollment should equal one full-time load. You will receive both high school and college credit for classes taken at Green River and are considered to be dually enrolled in both educational systems. High school graduation requirements are established by each school district. Check with your high school counselor to verify the courses and number of credits required in order to graduate. Generally, one five (5) credit class at the college earns one (1) high school unit.
  • How do I know if Running Start is right for me?
    Running Start is a good fit for students who:
    • Are ready for the challenge of college-level coursework.
    • Are motivated to participate in the college environment and possess the maturity to do so.
    • Seek academic challenges not available at their high school.
    • View Program Benefits and Considerations.
  • How do students qualify for Running Start?
    Prospective students must meet the following criteria:
    • Be enrolled through a public high school/district. Homeschooled and private school students are encouraged to contact their local school district for instructions on their enrollment procedures.
    • Be a junior or senior, according to grade level placement policies of the district the student is enrolled through.
    • Be eligible for ENGL& 101. (visit for assessment and placement options.) 
    • Be 16 upon admission to the program, or turn 16 during the first quarter of enrollment in Running Start. Prospective Running Start students must also complete an assessment to demonstrate they are prepared for college-level coursework. 
  • Can students take English assessment at another college and have it apply at Green River?
    Yes, if students take an assessment at another college, Running Start will need to review the scores (scores must be less than two years old).
  • Can home and private schooled students participate in Running Start?
    Yes. Students must enroll through the local public high school and must be considered a junior or senior. Students do not have to attend classes in the public high school in order to participate in Running Start. It is the responsibility of the public school district to establish grade placement criteria for homeschoolers who want to earn a high school diploma from a public high school. Some schools consider age appropriateness; others review credits and prior learning. In other cases, a standardized achievement test may be used in the absence of adequate documentation of a student’s home-based education.
  • How many quarters can a student enroll in Running Start?
    All qualified students can enroll a maximum of three quarters (Fall, Winter and Spring) during their junior year and a maximum of three quarters (Fall, Winter and Spring) during their senior year. A special circumstance exists for second-year seniors who have previously participated in Running Start. Please contact the Running Start Office for details.
  • Can Students attend Green River full-time or part-time?
    Yes, students can take all classes at Green River, or some at Green River and some at high school. The average credit load for Running Start students is 12-15 credits per quarter (approximately 3 classes). The maximum number of credits for which Running Start will cover tuition is 15 credits per quarter, providing you do not exceed the combined enrollment limit which is detailed on your Running Start Enrollment Verification Form.

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