Sumner School District Equivalency Guide

Green River College Running Start


High School Graduation RequirementGreen River College Equivalency
English ENGL &101 must be the first English.
Second English: any 5 credit ENGL class above 101.
U.S. History HIST 135, &137 (HIST& 136 does not qualify for US History credit)
Social Studies Elective ANTH& or ANTH 100 or above; ECON& 201, 202; GEOG& 100, 200; GEOG 120, 123, 190, 201, 205, 210; HIST& or HIST 126 or above; PHIL& 101; POLS& or POLS 101 or above; PSYC& 100; SOC& or SOC 100 or above
Contemporary World HIST& 128; POLS& 203, POLS 209, SOC& 201
Civics POLS& 101, 202, 203, 204, POLS 209
Washington State History HIST& 214
Health HL ED 150, 180; NUTR& 101
Math MATH& or MATH 106 or above; ACCT& 201, 202, 203; B A 145; CS& 131, 141; CS 132, 145
Occupational Ed./CTE* Any professional tech/vocational course above 100 level.
World Language  ARAB 121 or above; CHIN& 121 or above; FRCH& 121 or above; GERM& 121 or above; JAPN& 121 or above; SPAN& 121 or above (Must be sequential and same language.)
Fine Art Any ART& or ART, DANCE, DRMA& or DRMA, MUSC& or MUSC, PHOTO 100 or above
Science Any AP, ASTR&, BIOL& or BIOL, CHEM&, ENV S, GEOL& or GEOL, N SCI, OCEA&, PHYS& or PHYS 100 or above; ANTH& 205, 236; ENGR& 204, 214, 215, 224, 225
Physical Education Any PE course 100 or above.
Advisory Not available at GRC; must meet requirement at high school


  • Common Course Numbers (CCN) are designated with the “&” symbol.
  • Please consult with your high school counselor if a course is not listed in this guide or you have questions about graduation credit requirements.
  • 1 college credit = .2 high school credit | 2 college credits = .4 high school credit |3 college credits = .6 high school credit | 5 college credits = 1.0 high school credit
  • Courses meeting high school graduation requirements may not meet University Entrance Requirements. See College Academic Distribution Requirements for minimum entrance requirements.
  • A single course may not be used to satisfy a credit requirement for more than one subject.

*Counselors, please verify all CTE credits with CTE Executive Director prior to student enrollment.

**Graduation requirements include two lab sciences and one lab or non-lab science (three science credits total for the Class of 2021 and beyond). For students to be prepared for the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS), courses should address Life Sciences (biology), Physical Science (chemistry/physics), Earth and Space Science, and Engineering.