Sumner School District Equivalency Guide

Green River College Running Start

 Last updated Dec. 2023

High School Graduation RequirementGreen River College Equivalency
English ENGL &101 must be the first English course.
Second English: any 5 credit ENGL class above 101.
Math MATH& or MATH 106 or above; ACCT& 201, 202, 203; CS& 131, 141; CS 132, 145; Phil& 120
Occupational Ed./CTE* ACCT 110 or 111, BTAC 112, or BUS 121 are approved. Any other college-level (100 or above) professional tech/vocational/business course should be discussed and verified with the district CTE Director. 
Washington State History Hist& 214
U.S. History Hist 135 or HIST& 137 (*HIST& 136 does NOT qualify for US History credit)
Social Studies Elective ANTH& or ANTH 100 or above; ECON& 201, 202; GEOG& 100, 200; GEOG 120, 123, 190, 201, 205, 210; HIST& or HIST 126 or above; PHIL& 101; POLS& or POLS 101 or above; PSYC& 100; SOC& or SOC 100 or above
Contemporary World HIST& 128; POLS& 203, POLS 209, SOC& 201
Civics POLS& 101, 202, 203, 204, POLS 207, 209
Fine Art Any ART& or ART, DANCE, DRMA& or DRMA, MUSC& or MUSC, PHOTO 100 or above
Health HL ED 150, 180; NUTR& 101
Science** Any AP, ASTR&, BIOL& or BIOL, CHEM&, ENV S, GEOL& or GEOL, N SCI, OCEA&, PHYS& or PHYS 100 or above; ANTH& 205, 236; ENGR& 204, 214, 215, 224, 225
Physical Education Any PE course 100 or above
World Language  ARAB 121 or above; CHIN& 121 or above; FRCH& 121 or above; GERM& 121 or above; JAPN& 121 or above; SPAN& 121 or above (Must be sequential and same language.)
Advisory Not available at GRC; must meet requirement at high school


  • Common Course Numbers (CCN) are designated with the “&” symbol.
  • Please consult with your high school counselor if a course is not listed in this guide or you have questions about graduation credit requirements.
  • 1 college credit = .2 high school credit | 2 college credits = .4 high school credit |3 college credits = .6 high school credit | 5 college credits = 1.0 high school credit
  • Courses meeting high school graduation requirements may not meet University Entrance Requirements. See College Academic Distribution Requirements for minimum entrance requirements.
  • A single course may not be used to satisfy a credit requirement for more than one subject.

*Counselors, please verify all CTE credits with CTE Executive Director prior to student enrollment.

**Graduation requirements include two lab sciences and one lab or non-lab science. For students to be prepared for the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS), courses should address Life Sciences (biology), Physical Science (chemistry/physics), Earth and Space Science, and Engineering.