Academic Standards

The Running Start program at Green River College hold students to an Academic Standards policy.

Running Start staff track students' academic progress and ensure students are successful in their coursework. Each quarter, students must demonstrate satisfactory progress by:

  • Earning a minimum 2.0 quarterly grade point average, and
  • Completing all enrolled credit

Failure to earn credit in coursework results in an "I", "NC", "W" or a grade below a 1.0 on the transcript.

  • Students have a small window of opportunity to withdraw from a class and not have it post to their permanent transcript: follow the important deadlines published in the quarterly class schedule to remain informed.

After the end of each quarter, grades are reviewed and students falling below standards will be notified of their academic standing. Students must complete an academic success plan and self-evaluation before the registration period for the following quarter begins. Students are encouraged to meet with an Educational Planner to discuss strategies for improving success. Students have three opportunities to demonstrate satisfactory progress. After three quarters of not meeting academic standards, a student will be dismissed from the Running Start program at Green River College.

Academic Standards Policy

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