Student Support

Transitioning to College

As your student transitions to college, here are some tips on ways you can support your student's education.

  • Encourage personal responsibility; unlike high school, college is voluntary. Students must ensure they attend class and complete their own assignments. Students should track their own progress in classes, progress reports are not given. Students should be aware of important dates and policies related to academics and registration. Also, while Green River College offers many resources including tutoring, advising, accommodations, and more, students must seek out services they wish to access.
  • Encourage your student to communicate with their instructors if they have questions regarding course material or policies.
  • Students should check their Green River student email on a regular basis. This is how the College will communicate with students. Set email forwarding if needed, so your student's email will be sent to an email address that is checked regularly.
  • Attendance is important. Even though instructor's will usually not take attendance, students should talk to their instructors if they are sick or plan to miss a class.
  • Encourage your student to manage their own schedule; including planning their course schedule between high school and college, scheduling time for daily homework and studying, work, extracurricular activities and family commitment.
  • Course materials are not censored; students should display maturity and be open-minded to learning materials.
  • Running Start students begin making a permanent college transcript, which follows them to other institutions.
  • Student's academic performance during Running Start can impact future financial aid eligibility.
  • Time spent at Green River College reduces the overall time period your student can be considered for financial aid at Green River College. 

Student Privacy

Running Start students have the same rights and responsibilities as any other college student. All student educational records are maintained according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, commonly known as FERPA, concerning information that becomes part of the permanent record and governing the conditions of its disclosure. Only the student's name, dates of enrollment and degrees earned can be released without the student's authorization. Students must provide written permission allowing Running Start staff to disclose information pertaining to the student's academic records to parents or other family members by filling out a FERPA Waiver Form. All Green River classes and grades earned are posted to students' high school transcript and are available for viewing through the school district's Skyward portal.

Class Registration

Each quarter, Running Start students must obtain an Enrollment Verification Form from their high school counselor. It must be complete and include parent or guardian signature prior to submitting it, at least two weeks before registration begins. Below are dates for upcoming registration periods.

QuarterReturning Student Registration BeginsNew Student Registration BeginsDeadline
Fall May May Sept
Winter Nov Nov Dec
Spring Feb Feb March

Special Notices

Special Spring Quarter drop-in advising schedule starting 3/29!


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