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The Taiwan program was offered in Spring 2018. It will be offered again in Spring 2020.

Spring Quarter 2020
15 college credits

Program Dates: 

In State Dates: 
The first five weeks of class will be held at Green River College (or by virtual connection for students unable to attend).

Travel Dates: 
Students will then spend six weeks in Taiwan to complete their courses.

Application Deadline

Adventure awaits in this small island with a big heart. Situated just off the southern coast of China, Taiwan hosts modern cities, traditional temples, historic sites and a vibrant night market culture. Efficient public transit and high speed rail offer visitors quick and easy access to beautiful beaches, lush mountains and hot springs.

You will spend six weeks immersed in Taiwanese culture while studying at a private university in Taipei. Along with a cohort of students from Green River College and other community colleges in Washington state, you will be paired with local Taiwanese students or “Campus Mates” who will join you in fun and practical activities throughout your stay. Together you will study, eat, practice Chinese & English, and explore while developing deeper cultural awareness and competency.

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Megan Swanson

Program Coordinator

Phone: 253-833-9111, ext. 4892

Detailed brochures and applications are available for each program. Information meetings are arranged as needed. Group orientation sessions are scheduled prior to departure.


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Courses will be announced if offered again in 2020

This is a study program where students must carry a 15 credit load and are expected to fully participate in all class activities.

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Life in Taiwan

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