Language Center

Language Tutoring Services (Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese)

One-on-one consulting services for students at all stages of proficiency and acquisition of the languages we offer.

Whether you have a question about grammar and usage, need conversation practice or need help brainstorming ideas or focusing in essays - faculty and student tutors are here to help. There is no need to make an appointment, just drop by by clicking the zoom link on the schedule.

The schedule offers tutoring, help with online activities and conversation practice. We recognize that acquisition of a second, third or fourth language is a process that takes time to develop.

We cannot guarantee error free essays or proficiency in a day but we can work on areas of improvement to strengthen skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Our Services

  • 50 minute individualized or group tutoring
  • Answers to specific questions about grammar and usage in all languages we offer
  • Help with online language learning software including My Spanish Lab, My French Lab etc.
  • Focused conversation practice for maximum target language exposure
  • Reading and fluency practice


Conversation Exchanges, Winter 2022

The Conversation Exchanges at Green River are a way to practice the language you are learning in your Green River classes in either Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or German. Students of these languages as a foreign or second language can log in to practice in a conversational format.

Students, Members of the Community as well as Students and Faculty Members of our Global Partner Institutions around the world in which Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or German are spoken are invited to register for the zoom meeting conversation exchange with their official email address from the partner university. Students will all meet together in a zoom room at the beginning of the exchange and will be sent to breakout rooms with a conversation partner needing to practice English as a Second Language who speaks the languages we offer in our program of study.

The main objectives of the conversation exchanges are to increase our connection with our Global Community by making international friendships and also to practice the languages we are all learning.

There are six language exchanges at the following times and on the following days:

French: Fridays at noon

password: coucou

Spanish: To be announced

Arabic: To be announced

Chinese: To be announced

Japanese: To be announced

German: To be announced

Hours of Operation

Closed for Summer 2021

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