Workforce Education

Workforce Education Service

Workforce Education Service may provide assistance with tuition, books, fees, tools, and individual support services.

Workforce Education Services provides financial support to help connect students with a path into a high-demand, high wage career through grants. These services can help support:

  • Student Planning to transfer to a university
  • Professional Technical certificates and degrees
  • Job Skills training-specific skills needed to gain employment 
  • Pre-college skills (diploma, GED, Basic Skills or ESL) to prepare for career training 

Each program has different criteria and requirements, but Workforce Education Service teammember has the tools to help each student find funding that will put them solidly on the path to completion and employment. 

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Learn more about various grants and resources that can help cover the cost of tuition,books,GED fee, ELL, as well as assist students in nagivating campus resources. 

Funding Workshops

Workforce Education provides regular, free workshops for interested students.

Learn more about Workforce Education services and which funding sources you might qualify for.

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Phone: 253-931-6550

WorkForce Education is located on Green River College's main campus in Auburn in SA-270



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Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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