Judicial Affairs


The Judicial Affairs office contributes to the holistic development of students by administering the Student Code of Conduct through equitable practices in alignment with Green River College’s mission and values and in accordance with the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) policies and procedures.

The office is responsible for educating students about their rights and responsibilities as members of the GRC community through a comprehensive array of resources, education, and crisis management services. As the primary source of information about student conduct and academic integrity we strive to ensure all parties fully understand the steps involved in the conduct processes.

How To Submit a Report

Green River College encourages a culture of reporting that includes requests for assistance or support with emotional, physical, or health related concerns or to report disruptive, disturbing, or concerning behaviors that may include potential Student Code of Conduct policy violations.

Depending on the type of report received, staff will either work to connect individuals with appropriate resources and services on campus, or will initiate the student conduct process and bring the student in to discuss the situation and any potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

Alleged Student Code of Conduct Violation

Submit an Incident Report

  • Please know that any reports of an alleged Student Code of Conduct violation are directed through the Campus Safety office for intake and investigation.
  • Campus Safety Phone: (253) 288-3350
  • Email: safetydispatch@greenriver.edu

Alleged Academic Dishonesty Concern

Submit an Academic Concern

Red Flag

Red Flags include behavior or speech that causes concern. 

Send a Red Flag



How Do I Report Hazing?

If you have concerns that hazing is occurring or has occurred, inform Campus Safety by reporting it:

  • In person at SA 156 from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday; or
  • Calling (253)288-3350; or
  • Filling out the Campus Security Authority Report Form at: 

Anyone who has reason to suspect that hazing is occurring or has occurred and has received an oral report or credible written document must report the incident.

Reporting or Filing a Complaint