Academic Progress Policy

Academic Progress Policy

Students at Green River College are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to be eligible for aid and receive financial aid. This policy defines what is meant by satisfactory academic progress. The college will look at all attempted credits regardless of the source of tuition payment.  Per Department of Education policy, the Financial Aid Office is not allowed to recognize grade forgiveness. 

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This chart shows the number of credits and quarterly GPA needed to maintain Good Academic Standing each quarter

One Quarter of
Full Time
Quarter time
9-11 Credits
6-8 Credits
Less Than Half-Time
5 or fewer credits
Good Standing
2.0 + GPA 
12 credits 
Completed 9 credits  Completed
6 credits 
Must Complete all credits 
Warning Status
GPA = 1.5 - 1.99 
6-11 credits 
Completed 5-8 credits  Completed
4-5 credits 
No Warning 
Termination Status
GPA = 0.0 - 1.49 
Completed less than
6 credits 
Completed less than 5 credits  Completed less than 4 credits  Less than attempted

Grade point average

Students are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 each quarter.

Students are also required to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the end of the second academic year (six quarters) and thereafter regardless of enrollment level (i.e., the number of credits for which a student has registered).

Pace of progression

Students must successfully complete the highest number of credits attempted each quarter based upon the chart above. 

To complete a program in the allowed timeframe and maintain financial aid eligibility, students need to complete at least 67% of their attempted cumulative credits. 

All program credits (including transfer and developmental/below college level) will be taken into consideration whether or not aid was received.

Maximum timeframe

Students will have time limits for completing their programs of study.  Students can be considered eligible for financial aid for the equivalent of 150% of a program's length which includes all attempted college level credits. 

"Program" includes all pre-requisites, any changes in degrees or certificates and transfer credits that apply toward the program at Green River.  Normally, changing to a different program of study will not start a new 150% timeframe*. 


Tuition Deferment

Summer quarter tuition deferment will be given to files completed by May 1.
Fall quarter tuition deferment will be given to files completed by June 1.

Plan to attend fall quarter 2019?

Apply for 2019 -2020 FAFSA/WASFA.  See Applying for Aid

Processing Updates

We are currently processing 2019-20120 applications completed in November 2018. (updated on 6/7/19)

We are currently processing 2018-2019 applications completed in June 2019. (updated on 6/7/19)

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