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Data Analyst Certificate

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” - Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data Analysts help companies make informed decisions, improve efficiencies, increase profits and achieve organizational goals. In addition to analyzing and interpreting data, data analysts must deliver their findings in easily digestible visuals. 

Green River’s new Data Analyst Certificate teaches you how to extract data from a database, organize and massage the data and present your findings through well-designed data graphics.

The Certificate is Recommended for Individuals

  • Who want to use data to support business decisions
  • Who are responsible for organizing and analyzing complex data
  • Who are seeking a new career in technology and data collection/analysis
  • Who want to increase their value to their employer or improve marketability in the job market

Program Features

  • Curriculum is developed and taught by data analyst professionals
  • Courses are offered in the evenings and on weekends, so they don’t interfere with work
  • Complete the Certificate in as little as three quarters or at your own pace
  • Register for courses individually, or register for a series of courses and save

Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics does not currently collect data specifically about data analysts. However, management analysts have similar roles. Employment of management analysts is projected to grow 14 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for the services of these workers should grow as organizations continue to seek ways to improve efficiency and control costs. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor, 2018)

Information Session

To learn more about our Data Analyst Certificate, attend our free Data Analyst Certificate Information Session.

Certificate Overview

The Data Analyst Certificate consists of eight* required courses totaling 105 hours of course work. Most people are able to complete the Certificate in three quarters. You may register for the courses individually, or you can save money by registering for a series of courses.

Click on the courses listed below for current offerings, textbook information, prerequisities, prices and to register online.

Required CoursesHoursQuarters Typically Offered
Data Analyst Certificate Part 1: SQL Server (4 Class Series)     45  Fall
Relational Database Concepts and Design   Fall
SQL Programming Level 1  15  Fall
SQL Programming Level 2  12  Fall
SQL Server Certificate Capstone  Fall
Data Analyst Certificate Part 2: Python for Data Analysis 24  Winter
Data Analyst Certificate Part 3: Exploratory Data Analysis (3 Class Series)  36  Spring
Data Mining 18  Spring
Data Visualization  Spring
Data Analyst Certificate Capstone Spring
Parts 1, 2 and 3  105   

Please Note:

You may skip Data Analyst Certificate Part 1: SQL Server (4 Class Series) and start with Data Analyst Certificate Part 2: Python for Data Analysis if you:

  • Successfully completed* Green River’s SQL Server Certificate (3 Class Series) prior to Fall 2018.


  • Have proven industry experience with SQL Server, which will be verified via the completion of an assigned project. It is highly recommended that you request this project at least 10 days prior to the Python for Data Analysis course start date. Please contact us at 253-833-9111 x 2535 for details.

* Attended 80% of each course and received the SQL Server Certificate of Completion.

Program Completion

To earn the Data Analyst Certificate of Completion, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Take all eight required courses
  • Attend 80 percent of each course (based on number of sessions in each course), except the Capstone courses, where 100% attendance is required. Please note: Saturday courses lasting longer than four hours will count as two sessions.
  • Participate in class
  • Successfully complete the SQL Server Capstone project AND the Data Analyst Certificate Capstone project by the deadlines given.

Additional Information

For additional information, please call Green River Continuing Education at 253-833-9111, ext. 2535.

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