Teach for Us

Continuing Education at Green River College

Teach for Continuing Education

Are you an industry expert who wants to share your knowledge with other adults? Do you have a special skill or hobby you’d like to pass on? We are always looking for passionate instructors for our professional development, technology and personal interest courses.

Teach a Current Course

If you are interested in teaching a course that we are currently offering, please complete the form linked below. We will need:

  • Name of the course you are interested in teaching
  • Applicable experience related to the course
    • Are you a subject matter expert and/or do you have specific experience related to the course?
    • Do you have experience teaching or training adult learners or youth?
  • Your contact information

Propose a New Course

Before proposing a new course, consider the following:

  • Is the course already being offered? If so, specify how your course is different.
  • Is your proposed course a “hot topic” or an in-demand job skill?
  • Is your proposed course appealing to our Continuing Education target audience (30-55 years old) or youth audience (8-18 years old).

We accept course proposals throughout the year.

If you would like to propose a course, please complete the course proposal form linked below. We will contact you if we’d like more information.