Outstanding Alumni

Green River staff, faculty and advisors encourage our international students to dream big. We believe that there is nothing that they cannot achieve when they set their minds to it. Students who work hard and take this advice to heart, transfer to top universities. These students continue to achieve greatness even after their four year degree. Many go on to get their masters, and some have gone on to top graduate programs world-wide.

Every few months we highlight an outstanding alumni in our Partners and Student newsletter. If you have a great story to tell, please contact Leo Harten, International Alumni Coordinator.

Bing Han - Green River College Alumnus from China

Bing Han


Class of 2010

Green River College (2006-2010) BA Economics - University of Washington (2010-2011), Co-Founder of (2011 to present) and (2017 to present).

"In 2011, Bing returned to Beijing, China to start his own IT business with another Green River Alumnus – Tommy Yang. It is called In 2013, was named one of the most successful companies in China.  Bing was named to the 2015 Forbes “30 under 30” list." - Read More.

Remco Zwetsloot - Alumnus of Green River College

Remco Zwetsloot

The Netherlands

Class of 2011

AA at Green River (2009-2011) BA in International Relations at University College Roosevelt (2011-2014), MPhil in International Relations at University of Oxford (2014-2016). , Ph.D. in Political Science at Yale University (2016 - 2018).

During my time at Green River, I learned lessons that I am still using today and without which I would never have gotten into my graduate programs at Oxford and Yale. Not only did I learn how to write papers, argue well and present in front of large groups of people, the extracurricular activities on campus were also pivotal learning experiences. - Read More.

Indira Pranabudi - Green River College Alumna

Indira Pranabudi


Class of 2013

Green River College (2011-2013) BS Computer Science - Brown University (2013-2015), Sofware Engineer, Cimpress (2015 to present), Editor, Indonesia Mengglobal

"After a year and a half at Green River, I transferred to Brown University as a junior. My involvement in extracurricular activities at Green River gave me the confidence to get involved with a lot of clubs at Brown, and I even co-founded INCH, the Indonesian Network on College Hill. I pursued a concentration in Computer Science, a field which I discovered during my time at Green River. The classes I took at Green River were challenging and definitely helped me succeed at Brown." - Read More.

Yu Sato - Alumna of Green River College

Yu Sato


Class of 2013

AA Green River College (2011-2013) BS Molecular Environmental Biology UC Berkeley (2013-2015), DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) - UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine - (2015-2019).

I graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2015 and am pursuing further education at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, the #1 School of veterinary medicine in the world. I just cannot describe how much I appreciate Green River College. I would not have been able to make it this far without my time at Green River CollegeRead More.

Mark Li - Alumnus of Green River College

Mark Li


Class of 2015

AS Green River College (2012-2015) BS Biomolecular Science, St. Olaf College (2015-2017), MS Biomolecular Science - University of Iowa (2017 to present).

I believe that it is vital to realize the importance and challenge of finding your niche in this world. For me, it all started with my dream to intellectually contribute to our society. However, believing that my dream could become true was challenging, as I, like many others, had moments of doubt. Luckily, the Green River community and staff shared my enthusiasm and guided me. - Read More