Global Leadership

Global Leadership Program

Discover your unique leadership potential. Learn from experts. Cultivate the leader you want to be and become global ready.

Twenty-seven local and international students from 10 different countries participated in the Global Leaership Program "GLP" this quarter. Students received instruction in key leadership skills development, including Intercultural Communication, Inclusive Leadership, and Leading with Integrity. Guest lecturers included Dr. Suzanne Johnson and Wendy Stewart. The program culminated in group project capstone presentations, which allowed students to apply the leadership skills they learned earlier in the quarter. Their projects focused on how to improve online learning, faculty-student relationships, local/international student relationships and DE&I at GRC. The students had some really interesting ideas and we hope to find ways to share and implement them with faculty and across campus.

The sessions took place virtually, with the exception of the final presentations and graduation celebration, which was in-person. Some students zoomed in from abroad for the presentation, making it a multi-modal event.

Student quotes from Fall 2021:

"I've learned that I can do anything at all if I put my mind to it, and that problems are actually very easily solved if I get the help of other people and think critically. I will use all the knowledge and skills I have improved and accumulated throughout this project in my future life whenever I need to work in group settings or think critically in response to a certain problem."

"I learned that I could become a great leader if I stopped downplaying my skills. I'm still learning to be confident in my skills and speak about my concerns to others. This program has helped me realize that I have the qualities to become a great leader."

"I gained:
1. Critical thinking skills
2. Better time management
3. Better teamwork and leadership
4. Dedication and hardworking skills
5. New friends!"


This program looks into the core of one’s leadership potential from various aspects and demonstrates how gaining leadership skills is not only about becoming a leader but also about discovering yourself.” - Chia-I Chu (Joyce)

Apply for the Program

The Global Leadership Program is offered twice a year, in Fall and Spring quarters.

Eligibility: Open to all academic students (Local, International, Running Start) and Level 5 Intensive English Program students

Accepted participants will meet twice/week throughout the quarter, complete a group project, and earn a certificate of completion. 

Students must attend 80% of sessions to earn a certificate of completion. Additional work may be assinged to complete outside of meeting hours. 

Cost: Free!

Application: All students must submit an application explaining why you wish to be considered for the program. See link to the current application form in upper right corner of this webpage.

Deadline: September 20, 2023


Fall 2023 Schedule

Sessions will be hosted on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3pm to 4:30pm in person (on the GRC campus)

DatePresentersProfessional Title Topic


International Education Program Manager

Orientation and Community Building


Nancy Kremer

GRC Director of International Student Services and Operations

Your Leadership Strengths


Elnaz Ellie Parviz, PhD

Communication Studies Instructor

Adaptive Leadership Competencies


Andres / Jude

International Education Program Manager

Group Project Assignment & Topic Selection.
Trip to our food Pantry on campus


 Elnaz Ellie Parviz, PhD

Communication Studies Instructor 

Leadership Ethics


Dr. Suzanne Johnson

Wendy Stewart


GRC President

GRC Vice President of International Programs and Extended Learning

Leading Your Team with Integrity

 Elnaz Ellie Parviz, PhD

Communication Studies Instructor  Leadership Case Studies

Megan Swanson 

Assistant Director of International Education  Intercultural Competencies

 Advising day

No session   

Andres / Jude

Volunteer Opportunity  Auburn Food Bank


 11/03 (Friday)

Andres / Jude Trip to WA Capital Building Olympia, WA 





Andres / Jude International Education Program Manager Group Project Work Sessions: Social media post & raise awareness (Due on this day)


Andres / Jude Guo Program Manager of International Education Deliver donated food Item to Food Pantry


Thanksgiving No session   


  Student Final Presentations &
Certificate ceremony


How to Apply

Global Leadership Program sponsored by International Programs.

Fall Application Deadline: September 20, 2023

To apply, complete an online application here: Online Form

If you need access to a Word or PDF application, email Jude Guo:


Naomi van Roon

Global Leadership Participant

Naomi van Roon -Global Leadership participant - class of fall 2018

“This program is all about finding qualities and aspects of yourselves that can make you a leader in multiple ways.”

Major: Natural Resouces
Country: The Netherlands

Pichpanharath Seng "Pich"

Global Leadership Participant

Pich Seng from Cambodia stands in front of file folders in the IP office. She participated in the Global Leadership Program

“To be a leader is to initially learn about one another, collaborate, and work together in spite of our differences to achieve a communal goal. Through this collaboration and other activities provided by the program, I have built new friendships and opened up myself to an even larger sense of diversity through sharing ideas and opinions with my teammates on particular topics.” 

Major: Criminal Justice
Country: Cambodia