Academic Dates & Deadlines

Dates and Deadlines at Green River College

Plan your academic year! Select a quarter to view important dates and deadlines.

Green River College campus pathways and garden areas during the spring season.

Spring Quarter 2021

Classes Begin: March 31

Summer Quarter 2021

Classes Begin: June 28th

Photo of Mount Rainier at sunset

Fall Quarter 2021

Classes Begin: September 20th

Green River College campus in the winter season with snow on the ground.

Winter Quarter 2022

Classes Begin: Jan 3rd

Spring 2021 Academic Dates & Deadlines Calendar

Dates and deadlines for the 2021 spring quarter.

Important Registration and Tuition Dates

Class Registration:

  • February 8 – Currently enrolled & returning Veteran & Workforce student registration begins
  • February 9 – Currently enrolled & returning student registration begins
  • February 16 – New Veteran & Workforce student registration begins
  • February 18 – New student registration begin

Tuition Due: March 9

Spring Quarter Starts: March 31


January 31

Financial Aid Spring Priority Processing Date

February 2

Advising Day (No day or evening classes)

February 8

Current Veteran & Workforce student registration begins
     Veteran students at 6am
     Workforce students at 1pm

February 9

Currently enrolled & returning student registration begins
     Students with 75+ credits at 6am
     Students with 60-74 credits at 1pm

February 10

Currently enrolled & returning student registration begins
     Students with 30-59 credits at 6am
     Students with 0-29 credits at 1pm

February 12

Faculty In-Service Day (No day classes)

February 15

President's Day Holiday (Campus Closedc

February 16

New Veteran & Workforce student registration begins
     Veteran students at 6am
     Workforce students at 1pm

February 18

New student registration begins at 6am

March 9

Tuition due date

March 9

STEP – 1st payment due

March 24

Campus Corner Move-In

March 29

Last day to add name to waitlist by 10:30 pm

March 31

Spring Quarter Classes Begin

March 31

No-Show Replacement forms accepted after 1st class session

April 5

Tuition Waivers accepted: Washington State employees and senior citizens

April 6

Last day for 100% refund of tuition & fees

April 13

- 2nd Payment Due

April 13

10th day/Financial Aid Census date

April 13

Last day to withdraw and not post to permanent transcript

April 14

Last day for 40% refund of tuition (Fees are non-refundable)

April 23

Campus In-Service Day (No day classes)

April 29

Last day to apply for Residency Reclassification

April 29

Advising Day (No day classes)

May 11

- 3rd/Final payment due

May 31

HOLIDAY – Memorial Day (Campus closed)

June 11

Last day to request Pass/Noncredit

June 11

Last day to complete official withdrawal

June 14

Study day (No day classes)

June 15-17


June 17


June 17

Last day of spring quarter classes

June 17

Campus Corner Move-Out

June 23

Spring quarter grades available online