Student Safety

Resiliency Statement

Green River is a member of the Homeland Security and FEMA Campus Resiliency Program. We define resilient communities both on and off campus as communities that maintains services and livelihoods before, during and after an emergency event or disruption. If services and livelihoods are disrupted, Green River recovery occurs rapidly, with minimal social disruption, and results in a new and better condition for the College and our local community.

Safety and Security Report

In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, codified as 20 USC 1092 (f), by October 1 of each year, postsecondary educational institutions must publish and distribute their Annual Campus Crime Security Report to current and prospective students and employees. This report is required to provide crime statistics for prior three years, policy statements regarding various safety and security measures, campus crime prevention program descriptions and procedures to be followed in the investigation and prosecution of alleged sex offenses. The full report can be found at on the Green River Campus Safety page.

Title IX

Green River College will not tolerate domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking or other forms of sexual misconduct. Offenders may be subject to appropriate campus adjudication processes, disciplinary action, and criminal proceedings. Green River utilizes procedures that provide prompt, fair, and impartial investigation and resolution in cases involving domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. These procedures are carried out by officials who receive specific annual training.

Sexual violence is a form of sexual harassment and services are available to students, faculty, and staff who experience sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence and instances of stalking.

In these situations, Green River is committed to providing crisis intervention measures for students, faculty, and staff, as well as appropriate administrative response for the complainant and respondent; referring individuals to criminal authorities; and educating and promoting discussion on interpersonal abuse and violence issues. The College‚Äôs process does not preclude adjudication under state law. Green River prohibits retaliation by its safety officers, employees, students, or agents against a person who exercises his or her rights or responsibilities under any provision federal or state law, including Title IX and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA), or this SA-19 Personal Violence, Harassment and Sexual Assault Policy and Procedure

Information on Personal Safety Against Violence and other resources can be found at Personal Safety Against Violence.

Accurate and Timely Reporting of Criminal Offenses

Prompt and accurate reporting of criminal offenses aids in providing a timely response and timely warning notices to the community when appropriate, and assists in compiling accurate crime statistics. Community members, students, faculty, staff, and guests are encouraged to report all crimes and public safety related incidents in an accurate and timely manner to the Green River Campus Safety and Transportation office or local law enforcement.

Individuals on campus may also report crimes to a designated campus security authority (CSA) which include Deans, Directors, and any College official with significant responsibility and direct contact with student and campus activities.

Academic, administrative and athletic employees, including student employees, must make any report for child abuse directly to the proper law enforcement agency or the department of social and health services. All other employees must make any report directly to the Vice President of Human Resources via person, in person or electronically. The Vice President of Human Resources must make a report to the proper law enforcement agency or the department of social and health services. The policy for reporting child abuse is GA-03 and can accessed at General Administrative Policies.

To report a crime or an emergency on campus, call ext. 3350 from a campus phone or 9-1-1 from a non-campus phone. To report a non-emergency or public safety related matter, call Campus Safety at extension ext. 3350 or, from outside the College at 253-833-9111.

Dispatchers are available at these telephone numbers 24 hours a day. In response to a call, Campus Safety will take the required action, dispatching a safety officer or asking the complainant to report to safety to file an incident report.

If you observe behavior of non-emergency concern but may be escalating, you can also submit a Redflag to Campus Safety.

Decisions concerning whether to issue a notification will be made on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria:

  • Nature of the situation
  • Continuing danger to the campus community
  • Possible risk of compromising law enforcement efforts

Green River Safety Alerts

Sign up for Green River Safety Alerts and keep informed of campus emergencies, safety issues and inclement weather emergency closures. Sign-up can be completed at Emergency & Safety Alerts.

The following methods may also be used to notify the campus community of various emergencies that may affect the campus:

  • Green River Alert
  • Phone Announcements
  • Text message
  • Email
  • Official Green River website
  • Local media

Religious Holiday Policy

Student Holidays for Reasons of Faith or Conscience:

(Per SA-91 and RCW 1.16.050)

Students are entitled to 2 days of excused absences per academic year for reasons of faith or conscience, or for organized activities conducted under the auspices of a religious denomination, church or religious organization.

Students must fill out a request 2 weeks prior to the desired absence. Forms are available at the Student Affairs Office and must be approved by a Dean. Once approved, students will provide their instructor(s) with a copy of the form and the excused courses.

More detailed information about the policy and process can be found at: SA-91 College Holiday & Leave Policy.