Personal Safety Against Violence

Personal Safety Against Violence

What is Personal Safety Agaist Violence (PSAV)?

The Personal Safety Against Violence Committee, in compliance with VAWA, Title IX, and legislation, is committed to fostering a safe learning and working environment for Green River College's students faculty and staff by providing prevention education, training and resources.

What is the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)?

The Violence Against Women Act is a federal law enacted to improve the criminal justice and community-based responses to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. VAWA, along with the Campus Save Act and the Jeanne Clery Act, have worked together to improve the safety of college campuses. Under these laws, colleges must educate students, faculty and staff on the prevention of rape, acquaintance rape, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

A message from Deborah Casey, Ph.D.

Dear students,

Sexual assault and sexual violence are serious issues facing higher education. As an institution dedicated to cultivating academic success, student development, social justice, and civic engagement, Green River is committed to ensuring sexual assault and sexual violence have no place on our campus.

When students experience sexual assault their world is changed. The process of learning is interrupted, the course of personal development and growth altered, the bond of social trust broken. Sexual assault and violence cause immeasurable harms; some public, some private; some personal, some institutional; but all are an intolerable break from the purpose, mission, and values of Green River.

In compliance with Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA), Title IX, and other legislation, the College is committed to fostering a safe learning and working environment for Green River College's students, faculty, and staff. Green River's Personal Safety Against Violence (PSAV) Task force is working to provide preventative and bystander education, training, and resources. This booklet provides information about options for reporting incidents of sexual violence and resources to provide ongoing support.

Addressing and responding to sexual assault and sexual violence at Green River requires a coordinated and transparent effort by all community members. Green River will continue to advocate for constructive dialogues and policies supporting students and employees in not just adhering to compliance requirements, but developing and maintaining campus communities that are safe and conducive to learning.

Together we can ensure students continue to have safe, healthy, and welcoming campus environments to learn and grow by continuing to eradicate sexual assault and violence from our campus community.

With deep regard for creating a safe and just community for all.

Deb Casey, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs

Need to report now?
For Students

Deborah Casey
Vice President of Student Affairs
253-833-9111, ext. 3328

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