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Student Employment at Green River College

In a college setting, having a part-time job while attending classes is an integral part of the academic success that students achieve. Many opportunities for employment are available at Green River College. When you envision your part-time job as a resume building skill, your individual success and contribution to our college community will be invaluable.


Green River advertises all student jobs on Handshake. Students must register with Handshake before they can view jobs. Handshake advertises both on-campus and off-campus (community) employment.

Student Employment Program Guidelines 

Students must meet minimum enrollment requirements to participate in Student Employment. International students with F-1 status may have additional requirements.

ENROLLMENT - To participate in the Student Employment Program students must maintain at least half time enrollment (6 credits) at Green River College. For Work Study hires, these credits must be required for program completion.

WORK HOURS – Student Employment limits no more than 20 hours of work per week- total, with the exception of Workfirst Work-Study. The Workfirst program has a limit of 19 hours of work per week during the quarter/session.  

BREAK HOURS - Students may work full time (up to 40 hours) per week during the break period between quarter sessions. Students must be registered for minimum program requirements for the upcoming session to work during the break. 

 CLASS HOURS - Federal regulations prohibit students from working during scheduled class hours.

Student Applicant Pools

There are two types of student workers on campus, Work Study and Institutional Work Grant. Though there are many jobs advertised to non work study applicants, you may see some jobs advertised to Work Study applicants only. Students must be eligible for Work Study to be approved for jobs advertised as such.  Please read minimum requirements on the job post to verify.

FEDERAL WORK STUDY –. Federal Work Study is need based employment funding offered to eligible students through Financial Aid (FAFSA). Federal Work Study allows students to earn an allocated amount by working. Students have a set quarterly FWS allocation, which is based on FAFSA eligibility and student budget.

Once the student has earned his/her quarterly allocation, they must stop working. Students’ may resume work at the start of the next quarter, to earn the next quarter allocation. FWS allocations will vary from student to student depending on eligibility and student budget.

Apply for federal financial aid, including Federal Work Study at

WORKFIRST WORK STUDY - Workfirst Work Study funding is available to students receiving TANF. Funding is confirmed by the Workforce Education Department and referrals are sent to the Student Employment Specialist. Please contact Workforce Education to confirm eligibility and get a referral.

Contact Workforce Education

Phone: 253-931-6550

INSTITUTIONAL WORK GRANT – Institutional Work Grant funding is used by student programs such as clubs, athletics, student government and instructional divisions for employing students. Any student who meets Student Employment Program enrollment requirements and is authorized to work in the USA may apply for on campus non work study jobs.


The Student Employment Program serves students, faculty, and staff by providing employment opportunities for Green River College students.

On Campus Employers are responsible for student worker(s) through duration of employment. Creating a job description, conducting an interview, submitting employment authorization form, confirming work hours and submitting closure reports are part of supervisors’ responsibilities. 

Supervisors must wait for work approval confirmation from the student employment specialist before allowing student to begin working. A work approval email will be sent for each student worker after the completion of hiring paperwork and student employment orientation.

To post, view or update you student job please go to Handshake, via the on-campus employer portal.

*All new student employee supervisors must complete supervisor training, prior to hiring a student through the Student Employment Program.

For questions regarding the Student Employment Program, contact Natalya Thompson at




Contact Us

Natalya Thompson
Phone: 253-931-6531

  • All new hires must meet with student employment specialist to complete hiring paperwork before working.
  • All new on campus employers must meet with student employment specialist before making job offers.


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