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Supervisor Guide to Student Employment at Green River College


To participate in the Student Employment Program, students must maintain at least half time enrollment (6 credits). 

International students must maintain F-1 status. This includes full-time enrollment (12 credits), authorized Reduced Course Load (RCL) or approved vacation quarter, be in good academic standing and keep a valid I-20. International students participating in student employment during approved vacation quarter are subject to Student Employment Program enrollment requirements, as stated above. 

Federal Work Study participant’s enrollment credits must count toward participant’s program of study at Green River College. 

Student workers may only work up to 20 hours per week (part-time) while school is in session, and more than 20 hours per week (full-time) between quarters, provided they continue as a student the following quarter.  The only exception is for WORKFIRST WORK STUDY student workers; WorkFirst student workers are limited to 19 hours of work per week. Exceeding these hours may disqualify a student worker from continuing employment through the student employment program. 

Student employment is temporary and on an “at will basis,” except if there is a written agreement modifying this aspect of the employment relationship signed by an appropriate college official.


Supervisors are responsible for student workers for the duration of their employment. Supervisors must wait for work approval confirmation from the Student Employment Program Specialist before working student employees. A work approval email will be sent for each student worker after the completion of hiring paperwork and student employment orientation.

Supervisor responsibilities include:


The employment hiring process can be completed in six steps:

  1. The first step in the hiring process is to decide what the department, division, and/or program needs in regards to student personnel. Work with your team to create the job description.
  2. Post and advertise the position. Handshake is used to post all student jobs for Green River College. Supervisor need to create an account on the GatorJobs site. The format for creating a NEW employer account is Green River College – “Your Division/Department” BUT if your department/division already has an employer account, you may add yourself as a contact and post a job through the department/division this way.
  3. For NEW Student Employment Program supervisors, only. New supervisors must contact Natalya Thompson, Student Employment Program Specialist to complete supervisor training, before moving onto the next step in the hiring process.
  4. Interview and selection! It is each supervisor’s responsibility to develop an interviewing process that best fits its needs.
  5. Complete the Student Employment Authorization form and send the new hire to meet with the Student Employment Program Specialist for hiring paperwork and orientation.
  6. Reply to the work approval email, confirming student workers first day of work.


There are several options for Applicant-Type on Handshake. The Student Employment Program works with three of the Applicant Types, these would be determined by the funding source: On Campus-Non Work Study, Work-Study (Federal), and Work-Study (WorkFirst). The GatorJobs site will require the employer to designate the Applicant Type(s) when a job is posted; you may select multiple Applicant Type(s).

APPLICANT TYPE Work-Study (Federal)

Federal Work-Study is part of a student’s financial aid award package; other types of aid may include loans, grants, and scholarships.

Federal Work-Study is a type of financial aid that is earned through part-time employment. Federal Work-Study is granted quarterly (based on financial eligibility) through the student's financial aid package. Students with a Federal Work-Study award will apply for on campus jobs posted through the GatorJobs site, filtering for Work-Study (Federal), Applicant Type.

If a student chooses to work for you with a Federal Work-Study award, the student comes to you with a funding source; this means no cost to your department. The student’s Federal Work-Study quarterly award amount will be shown on the employment authorization form. Students are instructed to bring their Federal Work-Study Employment Authorization form to the interview.

Visit the financial aid web page to read more information about how students can to apply for financial aid.

APPLICANT TYPE Work-Study (WorkFirst)

WorkFirst Work-Study funding is granted through the WorkForce Education Department. This type of Work-Study is only offered to students with work approval from the Department of Social and Health Services. Students must contact the Workforce Education Department to review WorkFirst Work-Study eligibility. Continued eligibility is reviewed by WorkForce Education.

If a student chooses to work for you with a WorkFirst Work-Study award, the student comes to you with a funding source; this means no cost to your department. Students with a WorkFirst Work-Study award will apply for on campus jobs posted through the GatorJobs site, filtering for Work-Study (WorkFirst), Applicant Type.

APPLICANT TYPE On Campus-Non Work Study

On Campus – Non Work Study funding includes, Work Grant and Institutional funds used by student programs, faculty and staff to hire student workers. Student programs such as clubs, athletics, and student government use 522 student activities funds to hire student workers, as do Instructional Divisions.

Instructional Division faculty and staff need to contact their division chair to request Work Grant funds to hire student workers. This should be done, prior to submitting a job post. Funding approval and completion of the Institutional Work Grant Employment form does not approve a student to begin working. Completing the Employment form is only the start the hiring process.

Once a student has accepted a job offer, they must meet with the Student Employment Program Specialist for orientation and complete all hiring paperwork -before starting work.

Financial aid eligibility is not required for students to apply for positions seeking On Campus-Non Work Study applicants. Students applying for On Campus-Non Work Study jobs, must meet program guidelines and be registered for a minimum of six credits to work through the Student Employment Program. Work Grant funding approval is designated at the discretion of Division Chairs, Program Leaders, and Deans.


Hiring Paperwork

After the supervisor interviews and selects a student for a position, the supervisor should immediately refer the student to the Student Employment Specialist to complete hiring paperwork and orientation. Supervisors may not begin working student workers until work approval is confirmed by the Student Employment Program Specialist. This confirmation will come via email.

International Students have additional requirements and must meet with the IP Employment and Operational Specialist prior to completing hiring paperwork.

Age Requirements

Students must be 16 years of age to work. If at least 16 years of age but less than 18 years of age, certain restrictions apply. A parent/school work authorization form must be completed.

Employment Security

Student employment must not displace workers (including those on strike) or impair existing service contracts. This applies to off-campus and private employers contracting student employment.

Pay Rates

Student workers are paid hourly at Washington State minimum wage rate.


Students must be allowed a fifteen-minute (15) paid break if they are scheduled to work four (4) consecutive hours at a time. This break must be allowed no later than the third hour of work. 

If the student is working more than five (5) consecutive hours, s/he must be allowed at least a 30-minute unpaid lunch break. This lunch break must occur after the second hour and before the fifth consecutive hour of work. Lunch breaks must be recorded on TLR.




Contact Us

Natalya Thompson
Phone: 253-931-6531

  • All new hires must meet with student employment specialist to complete hiring paperwork before working.
  • All new on campus employers must meet with student employment specialist before making job offers.


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