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Clubs & Organizations are an important part of Student Life at Green River College. Whether you are looking to meet new people, share a common interest, plan campus events or volunteer, there is a club for you! Being involved with a Green River student group is a great way to connect with the Gator community and build relationships with fellow students, staff and faculty.

There are over 30 clubs and organizations each year that focus a variety of topics and interest, including academics, multicultural issues, and social opportunities. Student clubs and organizations are open to all students, although few clubs have membership criteria. 

Clubs for the 2022-23 School Year

Learn about how to get involved in GRC Student Clubs

New club proposals are open for the 2022-23 School Year and will remain open until May 2023. Please contact Paz Clearwater ( if you have any questions about clubs. We also recommend following our GRC Student Life page @grcstudentlife for more immediate updates!

Currently Active Student Clubs & Organizations

Below is a list of clubs that have completed either a new club proposal or club renewal paperwork for 2022-23. For more information regarding each club or organization, including a description of their mission, please visit the Clubs & Organizations page in the Campus Life Canvas. If you need your club information updated, please contact Paz Clearwater at

Club NameStudent ContactAdvisor Contact
Art Club
Asian Student Union
Badminton Club
Coding Club
Court Reporting Student Association (CRSA)
CyberOps Club
Engineering Club 
English Study for International Student (ESIS)
FISH Club (Christian Fellowship) 
Forestry Club
French Club
Gator Matters
Girls' Power
Golf Club
Green River Rotaract Club 
Indonesian Student Organization
Japan Club
Japanese Language Club
K (Korean) - Club
Math Club 
Music Club  
Muslim Student Association
Native American Student Organization (NASO)
Nursing Organization
Open Arms
Phi Theta Kappa
Society of Physics Students (SPS)  
Sociology Club
Tea Club
Teachers of Tomorrow
Tech Club
V (Vietnamese) Squad
Volleyball Club
Women in Technology Club

Clubs Still Eligible for Renewal

The following clubs that were active during 2021-22 have not had renewal paperwork filed with the Student Life office as of September 30, 2022. If you are interested in renewing one of these clubs, please contact Paz Clearwater at

Club Name
African Student Union
Asian Culture Association
Association of Chinese Students
Bit By Bit (Computer Science)
Black Student Union
Burmese Students Club
Creative Paper Handicrafts 
Dance Club
European Club
Gaming Gators
Gator Productions 
Multi Chess World Club
Pacific Islander Student Union (PISU)
Photography & Tourism Club
Queer & Allies (Q&A)
Stock Club
Student Occupational Therapy Assistants (SOTA)

Interested in Starting a New Club?

Here are the basic steps for starting a new club at GRC. If you have any more specific questions, contact Paz Clearwater at

1. Decide what your club will be about!

  • A hobby or interest?
  • A cultural or identity-based group?
  • A field of study?
  • A career or occupation?

2. Find other students with the same interest!

  • You only need two students to get the process started!
  • The Student Life office can help you find new members!

3. Find a faculty/staff advisor

  • Your club advisor does not need to be an expert in the clubs interest area, they just have to want to support students!
  • Advisor responsibilities are on page 11 of the Club Handbook.

4. Complete the New Club Paperwork!

  • The New Club Start-Up form is linked under 'Documents and Forms' on this page
  • Student Life staff will review your submission and provide acceptance or feedback within a week
  • Review the Club Handbook
  • New clubs will be invited to a quarterly training session. After which, clubs can begin to request funding or hold events.

5. Begin Club Activity!

  • Officially recognized clubs can use the Club Corner (SU250), schedule classroom space, use the Student Life work room, and request funding for activities from ASGRC Student Government



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