ASGRC Student Government

ASGRC Student Government

As an integral part of the college structure, the The Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC) handles student complaints, provides funding for campus clubs, athletics and activities and provides reports about student needs and welfare directly to the College Administration and Board of Trustees.

Interested students are encouraged to apply for an appointed position or run for office. Everyone is encouraged to vote during elections. The Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC) president, vice president and chief justice offices are located in the Student Life Office. Stop by and see them. Student Government meetings are every Wednesday and Thursday from noon - 1 p.m. in the Emerald City Room in the Mel Lindbloom Student Union. Meetings are open, if you want to get involved come to any meeting and learn how you can make a difference on campus.

photo of ASG President Juan Felix (Daniel) Tampubolon

Juan Felix (Daniel) Tampubolon

ASG President

Hi, my name is Juan Tampubolon (Daniel) and I am an international student from Indonesia. I came to Green River College in the fall of 2016 to complete my high school diploma and to pursue my studies in mechanical engineering and industrial design. I am honored to be your 2017-2018 Student Body President. My mission this year is to continue building communication between students, faculty, and administration, and to encourage student involvement in the campus. You guys are always welcome to come up and to talk to me, ask questions about the things happening around the campus, or if you have any concerns. I will try my best to provide you with information and resolve your issues.

photo of ASG Vice President Jessica Cuevas

Jessica Cuevas

ASG Vice President

Hi! my name is Jessica Cuevas and I am originally from Aguascalientes City, Mexico. I’m currently a sophomore completing my Associates of science transfer degree here in Green River College. Many of my interests include hiking, baking, attending concerts, and learning about cultures. Last year I was part of Student Government as a Public
Relations Senator, and an active member in clubs and activities around campus. This year, I’m honored to serve as your new ASGRC Vice President. My main goal this year is to Continue facilitating communication between the student body and administration, increase student involvement in student life activities and student government meetings, and bring valuable opportunities from the community to the campus. I’m really looking forward to work together as community and most importantly have fun! Please feel free to come up to me or contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns, I will be more than happy to help you.

photo of ASG Chief Justice Princess Kollie-Bay

Princess Kollie-Bay

ASG Chief Justice

My name is Princess Kollie-Blaye, 2017-2018 ASGRC Chief Justices. I’m from Liberia, a country located on the west coast of Africa. I came to the United States in August 2015 and I started school at Green River College in Spring of 2016. I am pursuing my Associates Degree to transfer and major in International Relations. I am also passionate about women’s rights, peace and justice issues as they affect our one world. I wish to one day become a Women’s Rights Lawyer. As your new ASGRC Chief Justice, I will ensure that the constitution is withheld to enable you have a better college experience here at GRC. I strongly believe that this position is a unique platform through which I will gain practical experience for my future career. I am also a youth delegate to the Summer Youth Assemble at the United Nations where I acquired basic leadership skills that I will use to enhance my work here at GRC. I look forward to working with you all.

Our Budget

S & A Fee Budget End of the Year Report

In accordance with RCW 28B.15.045 -- Intent -- 2012 c 104: "The legislature recognizes that students play an important role in recommending how services and activities fees should be expended, as the majority of members of the services and activities fees committee at each institution of higher education. It is the intent of the legislature to increase transparency, so that expenditures of revenue from services and activities fees are clearly visible and accessible to the students who pay those fees." [2012 c 104 § 1.]

The S&A Fee Budget at Green River is determined by students and staff. At every stage of the budget development, students are a majority on the committees involved.

522 Fund
2016 - 2017 Budget Summary

Administrative 387,011.00
ASGRC 21,638.00
Athletic 264,380.00
Auxiliary 109,933.00
Recreation 17,813.00
Performing Arts 73,609.00
Campus Life 178,973.00
Recreation Clubs 54,330.00 
Student Services 100,216.00
Student Employment 206,148.00
TOTAL $1,414,051.00

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Phone: 253-833-9111, ext. 2410

Campus Life Office 
Mel Lindbloom Student Union
Second Floor, Room 240


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