ASGRC Student Government

ASGRC Student Government

As an integral part of the college structure, the The Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC) handles student complaints, provides funding for campus clubs, athletics and activities and provides reports about student needs and welfare directly to the College Administration and Board of Trustees.

Interested students are encouraged to apply for an appointed position or run for office. Everyone is encouraged to vote during elections. The Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC) president, vice president and chief justice offices are located in the Student Life Office. Stop by and see them. Student Government meetings are every Wednesday and Thursday from noon - 1 p.m. in the Emerald City Room in the Mel Lindbloom Student Union. Meetings are open, if you want to get involved come to any meeting and learn how you can make a difference on campus.

To read more about leadership opportunities, qualifications and guidelines for the ASGRC student government, please come by the campus life office to obtain a copy of the ASGRC constitution, ASGRC Bylaws, and ASGRC financial code. The Campus Life office is located on the second floor of the Lindbloom Student Center (SU 240).

Zhaowei (Floyd) Chen

Floyd (Zhaowei) Chen

ASGRC President

My name is Zhaowei Chen and you can also call me Floyd. I come from China and major in aviation. I love playing the piano which I have learn for 9 years, and I also take piano class in GRC. During my free time, I'd like go to the gym, play basketball and spend some time to work out.

I joined the student body at my first quarter as a student senator, and I also worked for the Public Relationship Department. There is no denying that the senator experience is the best time of my student life. I enjoy work on the student events, all those student events is brilliant! But there is still room for improvement. So I just want to find an opportunity to make our collage better.

During my time as the president, I will focus on the outside sport field construction. I want to change the idle land inside our main campus into a sport field, which is open to all of the students.

I could never be the best but I will be the hardest! If you can some questions or I do something wrong, feel free to let me know!

Eomji (Rosie) Son

Rosie (Omjee) Son

ASGRC Vice President

My name is Rosie (Omjee) Son. I am from South Korea and majoring in international relations. I have a deep interest in learning new languages, because language and culture are intimately linked together. I believe I can understand various cultures exclusively from learning new languages.

Currently, I serve as co-president of a peer volunteer organization and a vice president of Korean cultural club. These experiences have inspired me to dive deeper into community involvement and have given me the know-how to do so competently.

As a hopeful for the vice president position of our student body, I would like to create an open system of communication in which all of the students can be involved in or understand the very administration process that runs our school. I will embrace students to opinions and aim to empower students to approach their desires and goals with active enthusiasm, knowing they have a student government standing firmly behind them.

I will work tirelessly with students and faculty members to encourage interest in the events or services on campus and to provide a space for their opinions and feedback to be heard. 


Veronica Chaplin

ASGRC Chief Justice

Hello, I am Veronica Chaplin. I am the Chief Justice of Green River College for the 2018-2019 school year. I ran for Chief Justice because I wanted to be more involved here on campus in student life and events. Also, I care deeply about the people on campus and the clubs that are here; I myself am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Black Student Union, Creative Writing Club and Environmental Club. Green River is a place that allows every student the chance to feel like they belong; I have found mine by being a part of various clubs on campus and now in student government. GRC is a great place to be! 

Our Budget

S & A Fee Budget End of the Year Report

In accordance with RCW 28B.15.045 -- Intent -- 2012 c 104: "The legislature recognizes that students play an important role in recommending how services and activities fees should be expended, as the majority of members of the services and activities fees committee at each institution of higher education. It is the intent of the legislature to increase transparency, so that expenditures of revenue from services and activities fees are clearly visible and accessible to the students who pay those fees." [2012 c 104 ยง 1.]

The S&A Fee Budget at Green River is determined by students and staff. At every stage of the budget development, students are a majority on the committees involved.

522 Fund
2017 - 2018 Budget Summary

Administrative 386,780.00
ASGRC 32,537.00
Athletic 305,926.00
Auxiliary 107,206.00
Recreation 38,000.00
Performing Arts 29,270.00
Campus Life 170,550.00
Recreation Clubs 56,250.00 
Student Services 159,040.00
Student Employment 314,441.00
TOTAL $1,600,000.00

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