ASGRC Student Government

ASGRC Student Government

As an integral part of the college structure, the The Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC) handles student complaints, provides funding for campus clubs, athletics and activities and provides reports about student needs and welfare directly to the College Administration and Board of Trustees.

Interested students are encouraged to apply for an appointed position or run for office. everyone is encouraged to vote during elections. the associated students of green river college (asgrc) president, vice president and chief justice offices are located in the student life office. stop by and see them. student government meetings are every wednesday and thursday during the Fall, Winter and Spring terms from 4- 5 p.m. on zoom. meetings are open, if you want to get involved come to any meeting and learn how you can make a difference on campus.

Please join us on Zoom for Senate.  Zoom Meeting ID:  878 7290 5053, Passcode: ASGRCSenat

ASGRC Bylaws, Constitution, and Financial Code


Bylaws of the Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC)


Constitution of the Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC)

Financial Code

522 Financial Code of the Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC)

Senate Standing Rules

Senate Standing Rules of the Associated Students of Green River College (ASGRC)

Shah Asraff Khan s/o Mohamed bakhash

ASGRC President

  • What year at GRC are you?  2nd Year 
  • Where is your hometown?  Singapore 
  • What are you studying? Biology 
  • Why did you want to get involved on campus? I wanted to get involve on campus to learn more about the ways I could improve the community around me, even the slight changes we make, we will never know how greatly it can positively impact someone's life. Wanting to get involved on campus for me was the ability to not only learn how to be more inclusive, diverse and equitable but I was also able to continue helping the school become more inclusive, diverse and equitable in my own ways. 
  • What is a fun fact about you?  I build my own race cars and race them on the weekends at Pacific Raceways 

Tygerr Recchia

ASGRC Vice-President

  • What year at GRC are you? 
    • This is my fourth year at Green River. 
  • Where is your hometown? 
    • I was born in Birmingham England and was adopted by wonderful American parents. 
  • What are you studying? 
    • I am in the Court Reporting and Captioning Program. I plan to get my BAS in Captioning so I can become an International broadcast captioner. My goal is to translate French and hopefully Turkish television. 
  • Why did you want to get involved on campus? 
    • This is a funny story, I showed up to a random Senate meeting one Wednesday because I thought the CRC program needed to be represented on campus. The next thing you know I was an ex-officio Senator. The following year those beautiful young people voted me into the Chief Justice position, then I was promoted to VP in the middle of the school year and now I am the VP of Governance. 
  • What is a fun fact about you? 
    • There are numerous fun facts about me but the current most ridiculous fact about me is that May 22, 2022 I was inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame with my former partner, World Champion archer Bob Markworth. 
Amanda Knott

Amanda Knott


  • Which program(s) are you studying? 
    • ECE Cert./Diversity Studies AAS-T 
    • Infant Child Mental Health BAS Fall 2022 
  • Where is your hometown? 
    • Born in Edmonds, WA. Grew up in Georgia, Germany, and North Carolina as an Army Brat. 
  •  Why did you want to get involved on campus? 
    • As a student, mother, and educator I want to help the future. To me, children and students are the future we should be focused on and investing in. I believe that my life and career experiences make me passionate about the needs of students, their families, and the communities they live in.  
  • What do you like to do for fun? 
    • I love my family, I have three sons and they motivate to be better.  I am as passionate about gardening as I am Education. I spend my time growing flowers for the birds and the bees. I believe children are the gardens of the future and the strong roots for them to grow should be our focus to move forward. 
    • I have always wanted to be a clown. Serious. I enjoy having fun and being silly. I have thought of a name and theme and everything. 

Our Budget

S & A Fee Budget End of the Year Report

In accordance with RCW 28B.15.045 -- Intent -- 2012 c 104: "The legislature recognizes that students play an important role in recommending how services and activities fees should be expended, as the majority of members of the services and activities fees committee at each institution of higher education. It is the intent of the legislature to increase transparency, so that expenditures of revenue from services and activities fees are clearly visible and accessible to the students who pay those fees." [2012 c 104 § 1.]

The S&A Fee Budget at Green River is determined by students and staff. At every stage of the budget development, students are a majority on the committees involved.

522 Fund
2020 - 2021 Budget Summary

Administrative 400,331
ASGRC 33,372
Athletic 333,972
Auxiliary 108,929
Recreation 42,113
Performing Arts 17,640
Campus Life 201,563
Recreation Clubs 51,046 
Student Services 161,456
Student Employment 399,950
TOTAL $1,750,000

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