Strategic Plan

Cover of the 2021-2026 GRC Strategic Plan

GRC 2021-2026 Equity-Centered Strategic Plan

Green River’s Equity-Centered Strategic Plan serves as the guiding document for the College’s work over the next five years. This Plan lays out a vision, mission, and set of values which define the work and future pathways for the College toward building and acting within a more equitable community. And it provides a framework to address key challenges and opportunities for our work, incorporating the ideas that have emerged from the Green River community throughout our planning process.

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Strategic Plan Process

During robust community discussions, Steering Committee members refined a draft Equity Statement, which details the College’s commitment to be an anti-racist institution and provides the Green River definition of equity. These conversations laid the groundwork for the College’s Strategic Plan Framework, including updates to Green River’s Vision, Mission and Values, statements, seen in the graphic on page 8 and laid out in Section B below, to fully support the College’s commitment to inclusive, equitable opportunities and outcomes for all.

In addition, the Steering Committee carefully reviewed themes regarding key challenges and opportunities, along with ideas and strategies for addressing them, that emerged from the community engagement process, to shape six Strategic Plan Goals for the College. Discussions about the key issues related to each of these Goals, as seen in the framework graphic on the following pages served as a basis to develop objectives to meet each Goal. These are laid out in Chapter 3.

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