Student Virtual Desktop


Now you can access programs found on Green River computers from your own device!

Green River has deployed virtual desktops running many of the applications students use on campus that you can access from anywhere you have an internet connection on your own device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.). In addition to some of the programs found on the computers in the Green River open labs, these virtual desktops also provide access to the student H, S & T network drives. To access one of these desktops from your own device, please go to, login and launch the "Student Desktop" icon.

Get Started!

If necessary, you will automatically be prompted to install a client program to enable the launching of the virtual desktops. Please follow the prompts to install the client software. Special instructions for Mac users: To properly install the client software, Mac users will need to launch the downloaded “*.dmg” file, then hold down the “CTRL” key while selecting the “Web Access Connector” option, and click on “Open”, then follow the rest of the prompts to complete the installation.

Please do not try and use the “Sync” option in OneDrive as these virtual desktops are temporary and get destroyed and rebuilt as soon as you log off or get disconnected (this makes a new desktop available for a different student to use).

Microsoft Office is installed locally on the virtual desktop, but each time you access a new virtual desktop, you will be prompted to activate Office using your Green River student e-mail account. For full instructions, please log on to a virtual desktop and read the “Tips” PDF located on the desktop.

When launching Internet Explorer, you will be prompted to enable add-ons. Please select the option to “Enable All”.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding these virtual desktops, please contact the Library.

In particular we would like to hear if you receive an error message stating "The computer is not available at this time". This error message means that you are unable to access a virtual desktop because all of them are in use. If there is enough demand from students, then the college may be able to purchase and deploy additional virtual desktops.

Let us know if there is a software program that you use at Green River that you would like to have installed on these virtual desktops.

Remember that graphic intensive applications (e.g., AutoCAD, ArcGIS, video editing, etc.) will run slowly and may look choppy on virtual desktops. We have intentionally not installed most of these kinds of apps on virtual desktops. Please use the physical computers in the HL or TC Open Labs when you need to run graphic intensive applications.

Since virtual desktops do not provide an optimal video viewing experience, we recommend watching videos directly on your device rather than on the virtual desktop. If you must watch a video on the virtual desktop, then for the best viewing experience please launch the virtual desktop from within Internet Explorer and then use Internet Explorer while on the virtual desktop.


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