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International Student Ambassadors 2023-24
International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) for 2023 - 2024. From left: Yifeng Yu (Terry), China; Shota Sekiguchi, Japan; Arshia Moghadam (Ash), Iran; Bryan Low, Malaysia, Stella Lee, South Korea, Huang Nguyen, Vietnam

Scholarships in the form of tuition waivers and work grants (paid, part-time campus jobs) are offered to NEW and CURRENT full-time (12+ credits) F-1 students. A NEW student is accepted but hasn't attended; a CURRENT student has attended Green River one or more quarters.

New Students

Achievement, Merit & Leadership Scholarships

Leadership Work Grant: International Student Ambassador (ISA) Apprentice

Current Students

Achievement Scholarship

There will be no award for summer term.

Starting Fall term 2024 there will be no repeat awards. So, if a student has been awarded the CSAS in the past, they may not apply again. 

Leadership Work Grant: International Student Ambassadors

Students earn approximately $5,500 per year in the campus leadership program. Students begin 30 days prior to fall orientation and continue through the academic year.

  • Deadline: April 10
  • Eligibility: CURRENT students
  • Available: Four (4)
  • Requirement:
    1. ISA Application: Community Leadership, Education & Outreach (CLEO) Program

Campus Community Service: Peer Volunteers

Student volunteers during the quarterly new student orientation and other events.

  • Deadline: Ongoing: application are accepted quarterly; deadline varies
  • Eligibility: CURRENT students
  • Available: More than 20 quarterly
  • Requirement:
    1. Peer Volunteer application

Community Service: Volunteer Positions

Receive a Certificate of Achievement by volunteering with American and international students; receive experience as future work references or on transfer university applications.

  • Deadline: Ongoing: application deadline varies through the year and are dependent on positions
  • Eligibility: CURRENT students
  • Available: More than 100 quarterly
  • Requirement:
    1. Register with Office of Campus Life

"I have truly had the best time studying for my associate degree together with many other amazing experiences while abroad in Washington. Therefore, receiving a scholarship and being able to continue my studies means more to me than I’ll ever be able to express in words."

Naomi van Roon
The Netherlands

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