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Meet our Student Marketing Assistants

Alexandra Calysta blogger from Indonesia

Alexandra Calysta - Indonesia

Hi! My name is Alexandra Calysta, I came all the way from Indonesia to study in the United States. I am currently majoring in business/finance at Green River College and also working as an international student marketing assistant. 

Ahyeon Chang - student blogger

Ahyeon Chang - Korea

Hello! My name is Ahyeon Chang from Korea. I am currently studying Computer Science and working as Marketing Assistant for International students. I came to United States to experience the bigger world and greater opportunities. I hope you can also experience the same here!


Chih Yueh Chen - student blogger

Chih Yueh Chen - Taiwan

Hi! My name is Chih Yueh Chen.  My friends call me Andy. I am from Taiwan and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. 

Ryu Matsuyama - student blogger

Ryu Matsuyama - Japan

Hello! I am Ryu Matsuyama from Japan. I am studying business at Green River College and also working as Japanese Marketing Assistant at International Program Office. Hope you enjoy my blog! こんにちは!Green River College在学の松山 隆です。留学、大学、トランスファー、日常生活などを皆さんとシェアできればと思います。

Naomi van Roon - Blogger from The Netherlands

Naomi van Roon - The Netherlands

Hi! My name is Naomi and I am from The Netherlands. Following my Gap Year here last year, I decided I wanted to study at Green River College full time. Now I am getting my Associate’s Degree in Natural Resources. I love to take pictures of my adventures or write about the things I do and experience.

Mitchell (Li) Zhen - blogger

Mitchell (Li) Zhen - China

Hi, guys! My name is Mitchell Zhen and I come from Mainland China. I'm more than thrilled to work as one of the International marketing assistants. Currently, it's my second year at Green River College. For me as a student majoring in Business Administration, this is a great place to study in the US in the first place and that gives me such a pleasure to help every single student who intends to come study here!