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PRIME TIME is a program for active adult learners 55+.

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Members enjoy stimulating, intellectual learning through short non-credit courses, discussion groups, social activities, and educational tours.

Membership is open to adults 55+ who are interested in participating in classes and educational tours. A yearly membership fee of $55 entitles you to a discount on PRIME TIME classes. If you are not a member, you are welcome to attend at the non-member class fee.

Become a member today!

  • Interesting short-term programs and educational tours that stimulate learning and interaction
  • Discounted fee for PRIME TIME classes and educational tours
  • Membership socials, luncheons, and guest lectures
  • 10% discount on most Continuing and Community Education classes

Register by phone by calling 253-833-9111, ext. 2535.

Current Classes & Programs

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Personal Cyber Security is a brief beginner-friendly course to help you take steps in protecting yourself while using the internet, mobile devices, and wifi. This course will cover common attacks that individuals in the local community have experienced, teach users how to react under pressure, and g...

Prime Time membership is open to active adults that enjoy stimulating, intellectual learning through classes, discussion groups, educational tours and social activities. $55 Yearly Membership Fee For Those 55+. Membership fee includes an asynchronous course that can be taken at any time. This c...

Retirement Strategies 101 is a multiple day, all-inclusive, retirement course that is useful for workers at all stages of their career. Regardless of age, you can learn how to create a financial plan that helps you prepare for retirement and make the most of your retirement dollars. Will you be able...

AI has been portrayed by the media as a threat to humanity. Is this really the case, or is it just hype? There is no doubt that some occupations will disappear, but will others arise? This course is your chance to find out....

Few will disagree that political polarization is dividing the nation. Not since before the American Civil War have views and perspectives been so heated. Are we heading toward a second civil war, or will America be able to ride out our differences? Examine the divisions and possible outcomes. Join t...

The old saying that "children are resilient" has come into question based upon recent research about the effects of trauma on children. Learn what studies show, and what you should look for to see if trauma has deeply affected one or more of your loved ones. Healing is possible, but it requires lear...

Medieval History Lecture Series #1 - The Abbots, the Monks, and the Cheese: How the Modern Concepts of Standards and Standardization Provide a Conceptual Framework for Investigating our Past Standardization serves as a powerful tool for understanding medieval history by providing a framework for co...

Medieval History Lecture Series #2 - Medievalism: The Evolving Interpretations of the Past Through Early Modern and Modern Culture In this class we will look at how the Medieval Period inspired the fields of politics, philosophy, literature, and film/television. We will explore the feudal system, t...

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