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PRIME TIME is a program for active adult learners 55+.

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Members enjoy stimulating, intellectual learning through short non-credit courses, discussion groups, social activities, and educational tours.

Membership is open to adults 55+ who are interested in participating in classes and educational tours. A yearly membership fee of $55 entitles you to a discount on PRIME TIME classes. If you are not a member, you are welcome to attend at the non-member class fee.

Become a member today!

  • Interesting short-term programs and educational tours that stimulate learning and interaction
  • Discounted fee for PRIME TIME classes and educational tours
  • Membership socials, luncheons, and guest lectures
  • 10% discount on most Continuing and Community Education classes

Register by phone by calling 253-833-9111, ext. 2535.

Current Classes & Programs

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Have you ever wondered how things are made and what machines makes the items that we use every day in our travels and at home? Mechatronics is the study of industrial machines, how they work, how to keep them running and how to keep advancing in an ever changing global economy. This class will pro...

Learn about the different Medicare options in this seminar. We will discuss Medicare Part A & B as well as Medicare advantage health plans, prescription drug health plans, supplemental insurance and more!...

This workshop covers 3 main areas critical for individuals approaching retirement: how to budget for retirement income, protecting your most valuable assets from the unexpected and the potential rising costs of health care expenses....

Did you know that Japanese still uses the equivalent of hieroglyphics in every-day writing and communication? Have you wondered what it would be like to read a newspaper, novel or shopping list that was written using little pictures in place of letters? Japanese kanji is a little bit like using emo...

If you think the time we are living in now is horrible and scary, be grateful you didn't live in the era after the end of World War I. According to some sources, between 50-100 million people died in that pandemic. History always gives us perspective of our own times. Learn how these two eras of fea...

Join us to learn about the music of Brazil. In this session we will explore the European and African cultural influences that lead to the development of samba and trace how samba influenced genres such as samba canção, bossa nova, tropicalia, and música popular brasileira. We will learn about som...

Join Green River economics instructor Sam Le for a non-technical discussion for a general overview and trends of the US economy. What are the short-term and long-term impacts of key economic policies by the federal government, the US central bank and the Federal Reserve? What are the important facto...

Prime Time membership is open to active adults that enjoy stimulating, intellectual learning through classes, discussion groups, educational tours and social activities. $55 Yearly Membership Fee For Those 55+ Membership Benefits: Reduced Prime Time Class Fees ...

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